Taco Bell Coin Game

If you have been going to Taco Bell for a long time, you may remember that it used to have a special coin game in every location. These games mysteriously disappeared, leaving many Taco BNell regulars to wonder about them.

Many fast-food places had special games for customers back in the day, though very few are around now. Many people are very nostalgic about these games and often wish that restaurants would bring them back.

Keep reading to find out more about the coin game at Taco Bell and what ended up happening to it.

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What is The Coin Game at Taco Bell?

The coin game at Taco Bell is a popular game that it used to have in just about every Taco Bell location. This is a dome that is filled with water, you can put a coin into the slot at the top to see if the coin reaches the bottom.

There are plastic paddles spread out to catch the falling coins to make the game harder. You could use a handle at the top of the dome to maneuver the paddles in the hopes of dropping the coin to the bottom.

If your coin manages to bypass the paddles and lands on the bottom, you win the game.

This is a fun way for Taco Bell’s to collect extra cash as people were always happy to put their coins into the game. The water added an extra element of fun as people enjoyed watching the coins float down.

Most Taco Bell locations made the prize for winning this game a full meal for just $1. This was the motivation behind so many people lining up to try their luck with their own coins.

Are There Any Taco Bell Coin Games for Sale?

If you used to play with the coin game at Taco Bell, you are probably missing them. It is a rare find if you happen across any Taco Bell location that still has this game out in the open.

Taco Bell Coin Game

Unfortunately, these games are pretty much gone for good except for a few Taco Bell locations that still have them. This has led many people to wonder if they could buy one of these coin games for themselves.

The answer to that is that you can buy one of these coin games. Places like eBay are a great place to look, and you can find a few of these coin games up for grabs.

The downside is that they are typically a bit pricey since they are limited, and no one knows how many are left to buy. This could mean paying a significant price to get your hands on one.

It just depends on how badly you want this game and whether or not you are lucky enough to find a decently priced one for sale.

Why Did Taco Bell Get Rid of the Coin Game?

In 2017, Taco Bell decided to do a facelift on all of its locations as it was starting to look badly out of date. The interior of the fast-food restaurants was very 90s and just didn’t attract customers the way that it used to.

It did things like:

  • Change the colors
  • Change the seating
  • Change patterns

All of these changes were made in the hopes of modernizing these restaurants for the present customer demand.

Because of that, Taco Bell did a makeover on all of its locations to give them a new and clean look to attract more customers. Unfortunately, when it did this, it also removed the coin games from its locations.

This was a part of its outdated look, so it removed these games to give the Taco Bell restaurants a fresh and modern look.

What is The Popular Coin Game at Taco Bell?

The popular coin game at Taco Bell was a game that included a dome filled with water and plastic paddles. You could drop a coin into the dome from the top and use the paddle to try to help the coin get to the bottom.

If your con landed on the bottom, you got a full Taco Bell meal for a mere $1. This prize was a big motivator, though many people just enjoyed playing the game, prize or no prize.

Unfortunately, these games disappeared once Taco Bell did its restaurant renovations in 2017.

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