Why Do Uber Drivers Say They Are on a Bicycle?

Delivery platforms like Uber Eats and DoorDash require their couriers to meet certain requirements before being eligible to work. These requirements are in place to ensure the safety of the customer, merchant, and driver.

Unfortunately, many delivery drivers have found workarounds for these rules and requirements. One of the ways couriers game the system is by claiming they use a bicycle for deliveries when they’re actually using a car.

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Uber Eats Drivers Say They’re Using a Bicycle

There are a few reasons why your Uber Eats driver claims they’re using a bicycle, even if they show up in a car.

Your courier could be avoiding registering their vehicle, passing a background check, or a motor vehicle report.

Uber Eats requires their delivery drivers to meet certain vehicle requirements. If your courier doesn’t meet these requirements and still wants to deliver orders, they can simply lie on their application. One of the reasons an Uber Eats courier may claim their using a bicycle instead of their car is to avoid registration and insurance issues.

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Age Issues

Age issues are another reason an Uber Eats delivery driver will report using a bicycle over a vehicle. Uber Eats doesn’t allow 18 year-olds to deliver orders in a car, van, or truck. However, the delivery platform allows 18 year-olds to complete orders on a bicycle. This logic is flawed and problematic, resulting in delivery drivers lying on their applications.

Why Do Uber Eats Drivers Say They Are on a Bicycle

DUIs, Traffic Violations, and Other Issues

Couriers using bicycles aren’t subject to the same strict requirements that other delivery drivers receive. DUIs, traffic violations, and other disqualifying records are more reasons a delivery courier could claim a bicycle over a vehicle. Because of this, some Uber Eats couriers have opted to lie on their application and sign-up.

Allowed By Uber Eats

Couriers masquerading as bicycle delivery drivers are most likely gaming the system. Unfortunately, Uber Eats hasn’t made any claims or reports on this issue. The obvious follow-up question is: Should you report this?

If you received an order like the ones in question, you may be wondering if you should report your driver.

This is an ethical and moral question that will depend on your values. Should you report the driver if your food was delivered hot, fresh, untampered, and promptly?

The verdict is up to you. However, here’s how you can report couriers who aren’t following protocol.

Report an Uber Eats Courier

For this scenario, Uber Eats has two options for reporting delivery drivers. You can either report a courier for rude behavior or if they breached a safety protocol.

Neither of these options fit perfectly for this type of scenario, but they’re the only solutions available.

Reporting for Rude Behavior

You can visit this page If you wish to report a courier for rude behavior. You’ll need to first log in to your Uber Eats account to file an issue. Afterward, you’ll be prompted with a series of questions and checkboxes.

You’ll have the option to select whether your courier used foul language, threatened you, made sexual advances, or did other unacceptable behaviors. Then, you’ll be asked to describe the incident step by step.

Why Do Uber Eats Drivers Say They Are on a Bicycle-

Reporting for Safety Incidents

If you wish to claim a safety breach, you can visit the official Uber Eats page here. You’ll first have to sign in to your Uber Eats account and select the order in question. The process is much the same for reporting a courier for rude behavior.

From there, you’ll be prompted to describe the safety issues. Reporting couriers for safety incidents is mainly for allergies, dietary issues, and food-borne illnesses. Keep in mind; you may not receive a refund for this type of claim.

Using A Bicycle To Deliver Food

An Uber Eats courier may say they’re using a bicycle when they’re actually using a vehicle for gaming the system.

Couriers who do this could be avoiding background checks, registering their vehicles, or other eligibility requirements. If your order was delivered on time, this might not be an issue.

However, if you’d like, you can report your Uber Eats courier or speak to a customer support agent.

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