Does DoorDash Provide a Bonus For 1,000 Deliveries?

DoorDash delivery drivers are considered independent contractors, meaning they don’t receive the same benefits and incentives as traditional employees. Many dashers have become frustrated that their loyalty and dedication to the delivery platform are unnoticed.

DoorDash released their Dasher Rewards Program and Guaranteed Earning Incentives to counteract this. However, these programs aren’t without caveats, stipulations, and flaws. Here’s what you need to know.

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Does DoorDash Provide a Bonus For 1,000 Deliveries?

Unfortunately, DoorDash does not provide a guaranteed bonus when you hit 1,000 successful deliveries. Instead, DoorDash provides its delivery drivers with incentives through the Dasher Rewards Program and peak pay opportunities. However, the Dasher Rewards Program is not without caveats and stipulations.

What About 100 Deliveries?

Unfortunately, DoorDash does not provide a guaranteed bonus for 100 successful deliveries. However, the delivery platform does have “Guaranteed Earnings Incentives.”

What Is The Dasher Rewards Program?

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In late 2020, DoorDash rolled out its Dasher Rewards Program. The program was designed to give current and new drivers bonuses, incentives, and encouragement. One of the features of this program is Guaranteed Earning Incentives.

What Are Guaranteed Earning Incentives?

Guaranteed Earning Incentives are available for select Dashers in participating locations. The system ensures that new dashers will receive a guaranteed amount of money if they complete the required deliveries by a specific deadline. These incentives are not an added bonus but rather a guarantee that you’ll earn a certain amount.

Guaranteed Earning Incentives Example

A new dasher may have an earning incentive along the lines of, “Earn at least $1,000 in total earning for 100 deliveries in the next two weeks.”

This means if you complete the minimum 100 deliveries within the 14 day time period, you will earn at least $1,000. However, if you make $900, you’ll only receive an additional $100. If you earn over $1,000, you won’t receive any benefit, bonus, or additional income.

Note: These numbers don’t reflect the actual earning incentives, and your mileage may vary.

How Do I Know if I’m Eligible for Earning Incentives?

Unfortunately, the Guaranteed Earning Incentive Program is not available for all delivery drivers and locations. To be eligible for the program, you must apply through a unique sign-up page. If you have already signed up and didn’t see this page, you are most likely ineligible for the program. You must also begin dashing within 30 days of activating your account to stay qualified.

What Are DoorDash Challenges?

Besides Guaranteed Earning Incentives, DoorDash also provides their dashers with Challenges. Challenges are another form of earning incentives that allow you to earn extra cash for finishing a certain number of deliveries in a specified timeframe. The program is currently in beta testing and is only available for select dashers and locations.

DoorDash Challenges Example

Many Dashers have received challenges along the lines of “$300 for completing 15 deliveries over a four-day window.”

For example, you may receive a similar challenge starting Monday at 12:01 AM and ending on Thursday at 11:59 PM. Keep in mind these numbers and time frames don’t reflect the actual earning incentives and are strictly an example.

1,000 Deliveries DoorDash

How Are Challenges Different From Guaranteed Earnings?

Compared to Guaranteed Earning Incentives, Challenges provide delivery drivers with extra cash. The Guaranteed Earning Incentive Program doesn’t provide extra income if you don’t meet the minimum requirements or go beyond a certain threshold.

Are There Any Other Perks?

Besides Guaranteed Earning Incentives and Challenges, DoorDash also provides its delivery drivers with perks and discounts. The delivery platform has partnered with several national brands and merchants to help their dashers perform.


The delivery platform’s featured partner is TurboTax. Through DoorDash and TurboTax, delivery drivers can receive a $20 discount when filing as self-employed. This can be a beneficial service, especially if you aren’t familiar with filing your own taxes.

Financial Discounts

DoorDash also provides their dashers with special financial discounts. The main incentive is DasherDirect. The program includes delivery drivers with instant no-fee direct deposits, cash-back rewards, a mobile banking app, and more.

Besides DasherDirect, the delivery platform has also partnered with Clerkie and Everlance. Clerikie is in place to help dashers resolve debt issues, while Everlance can help dashers track their mileage.

Vehicle Discounts

DoorDash provides their delivery drivers with vehicle discounts as well. The delivery platform has partnered with CarAdvise and Maaco to aid their drivers with vehicle maintenance.

Will DoorDash Give Me Anything for 1,000 Deliveries?

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed bonus for completing 1,000 deliveries. However, DoorDash does provide their delivery drivers with incentives through the Dasher Rewards Program, peak pay opportunities, and Guaranteed Earning Incentives. However, these programs come with caveats and stipulations. To find out more, visit the official DoorDash site here.

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