Uber Eats Preparing Your Order

If you are new to Uber Eats, you may be wondering why it takes so long to prepare your order. This is a common complaint and one that you may want answers to.

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There are several reasons why an Uber Eats order may be taking a ridiculous amount of time to complete. Here is everything you need to know about how Uber Eats prepares your order and the time it takes.

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Uber Eats Taking Too Long to Prepare Orders

Oftentimes, it is not Uber Eat’s fault but the fault of the restaurant that is preparing your order. If it is taking the restaurant a long time to create your order, there is nothing that Uber Eats can do about it.

Uber Eats is not in charge of creating your orders for you, it is just the middleman delivery service. This is why Uber Eats is rarely, if ever, responsible for long preparation times that its customers may have to wait.

How long your order takes to prepare is going to usually be at the restaurant and how quickly they can get it out. Some restaurants are known for taking a long time and can easily hold up your Uber Eats order.

It is also believed that many restaurants put pickup orders on the backburner as the customer is not there waiting. This can cause your order to be late as other orders that are in the restaurant are prioritized.

These are just a few things that can cause your Uber Eats order to get stuck on the preparing stage. It is frustrating, but there is usually very little that you or Uber Eats can do about it.

Meaning of ‘Preparing Your Order’

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When your Uber Eats order says that it is being prepared, that literally means that it is being made right then. At this point in time, your order is out of the hands of Uber Eats and is the restaurant’s responsibility.

Whether or not this step is fast or slow is going to depend completely on the restaurant. That is why it is a good idea to avoid ordering from very slow restaurants.

Many Uber Eats drivers also will avoid taking orders to certain restaurants as they know that they take a long time. This can lower your chances of having your order picked up, as well as getting your order in good condition to eat.

That is why you want to be careful when making your order and choose a restaurant with a good reputation for speed.

This Is How Long Most Uber Eats Orders Take

Most Uber Eats orders can take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes to complete and deliver to your doorstep. This includes the preparation step and getting the food delivered to you.

This time will also change depending on other factors that can come into play. Such as weather, traffic, poor directions, or a slow restaurant.

There are all kinds of things that can delay your Uber Eats order and get it to you much later than promised. This is part of why Uber Eats tried to keep orders within a 5-mile radius to keep them as short as possible.

Generally, restaurants are given 10 to 20 minutes to complete an order depending on how big it is. Though it is not uncommon for restaurants to take longer and delay the order.

This can be hard on Uber Eats as well as the delivery driver even though it is not their fault. That is why you should try to avoid restaurants that have a reputation for being very slow.

Uber Eats Is So Slow

Uber Eats is not technically slower than any other food delivery service. Though convenient, these services are not always the fastest way to order your food as there is a process that they must go through.

This involves creating the order, waiting for it to be accepted, waiting for it to be made, and then delivered. This can add up fast and result in an uncomfortable wait time.

This is just the reality of ordering through a food delivery service, and many will be just as slow. There are other factors that can cause a delay in your order as well that may be out of Uber Eats hands.

Picking Up Your Own Uber Eats Order

If you want to save on a delivery fee, you can choose the option to pick up your own Uber Eats order. This may not be ideal for most, but in certain situations, it can be a great option.

If no one picks up your order, you can easily go to the Uber eats app and go to your orders. From there, you can change the delivery setting to pick up and get your order yourself.

You will get a delivery fee refund and still get your order within a decent amount of time.

This is an ideal option if your order was not accepted by any delivery drivers. This can sometimes happen if they aren’t happy with the price or tip.

Or this is a good option if there are no delivery drivers available when you order. This is common in larger cities with more orders coming in or during busy times of the day.

As a general rule of thumb, it is a good idea to avoid ordering during lunch and dinner times, as these are the busiest times of the day. If you order during these times, you may need to offer a higher tip to get noticed by drivers.

When You’re Impatient

If your Uber Eats order is taking a long time to prepare, the issue most likely lies with the chosen restaurant. Once the order goes to the preparation stage, it is out of Uber Eat’s hands.

The preparing stage of your order is when it is being processed by the restaurant. This stage involves your order being created and made ready for the Uber Eats delivery driver to deliver to you.

This step can become very slow and delay the entire order if the restaurant is moving slowly to get your order done.

Sometimes this happens when the restaurant is very busy and the kitchen is flooded with orders.

This is more common for food delivery services as restaurants sometimes don’t prioritize pick-up orders as much.

They are much more likely to prioritize the orders of customers within the restaurant.

When making your Uber Eats order it is important to try to avoid any restaurants with a reputation for being slow. Not only will it delay your order, but many drivers avoid these kinds of restaurants as well.

Many delivery drivers won’t take orders to certain restaurants if they have a reputation for being slow. That is because it will also slow them down and keep them from picking up other orders.

So if your order is taking a long time to prepare, it is most likely not the fault of Uber Eats. Once it goes into the preparation stage, Uber Eats no longer has any control of the order.

That’s why it is a good idea to look through reviews to find restaurants that are notably faster when putting out their orders.

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