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Uber Eats Taking Over An Hour

Uber Eats Taking Over An Hour

Food delivery apps, such as Uber Eats, provide customers with an incredibly convenient and efficient option for receiving orders. However, some customers have had different experiences.

Some customers have reported orders from food delivery apps taking over an hour or have run into other complications.

Why Is My Uber Eats Order Taking Over An Hour?

An Uber Eats order may take over an hour due to factors outside of the merchant and delivery driver’s control. Harsh weather conditions, heavy traffic, road work, and more can affect delivery times. On top of that, high order volumes, app errors, and mistakes all result in longer delivery times.

How Can I Check The Status Of My Order?

You can check the status of your Uber Eats order within the app. To check the status of your order, you should:

  1. Press the receipt icon located on the bottom menu bar
  2. Press the “Upcoming” option to select your current order
  3. Press the “Track” option to view the order’s status

When a delivery driver claims your order, you’ll be able to track their location within the Uber Eats app. You’ll also be able to contact the driver by phone call or text message using the app.

What Should I Do If My Order Is Taking Too Long?

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If your Uber Eats order is taking too long, you should contact support within 48 hours. Additionally, you can contact the merchant, contact the driver, or cancel your order.

You can contact and provide customer support with evidence about your order to potentially receive a refund. You must contact Uber Eats support within 48 hours for your claim to be to remain eligible.

If your order is taking too long, you can also contact the merchant directly. You can call the restaurant and ask about their wait time and order status to get a better time estimation. The merchants may also fill you in on any delays or items that have run out of stock.

Should I Contact My Delivery Driver?

If your delivery driver hasn’t contacted you already, you can contact them if your order is taking too long. Your delivery driver will know more about the status of your order, the restaurant, and traffic, allowing them to give you a better time estimation.

Be sure to always be respectful when contacting your delivery driver. Order errors are rarely the driver’s fault, so treating them with respect is a must. Uber Eats just sucks sometimes.

Should I Cancel My Order?

If your order is taking too long, you can also cancel it. This option may result in refunds or additional fees. You may also need to file a claim with Uber Eats to receive a partial or full refund.

If Uber Eats does charge you a refund fee, it will typically be $5. This fee does vary depending on the order status.

What Happens If I Never Receive My Order?

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If you never receive your order, you may be eligible for a full or partial refund. You can file a claim within 48 hours through Uber Eats support to request a refund.

It’s important to note, If your delivery person arrived, attempted to contact you, and could not deliver the order, you will still be charged for the order. Uber Eats will not provide refunds for such instances. It’s best to communicate with your delivery driver to avoid such scenarios.

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How Do I Get A Refund?

If you never received your order or are unhappy with the delay, you may be eligible for a refund. To receive a refund, you will have to first file a claim.

Uber Eats support will evaluate and review your claim, deciding to accept it or not. You may need to upload photos, proof, or other details for your claim to be accepted. If you are missing an item, you’ll be refunded for the item. If you got the wrong order, you might receive a full refund, including the delivery fee.

To request a refund, you’ll need to use your mobile app. You’ll need to go to “Orders” and select the order you wish to make a claim on. From there, provide all the details you view as necessary, such as photos or proof.

Is My Uber Eats Delivery Taking Over An Hour?

Long delivery orders may be due to external factors rather than the driver or merchant. Harsh weather conditions, heavy traffic, road work, and more all affect delivery times. Busy restaurants, app orders, and mistakes also impact delivery times.

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  1. Uber Eats texted they had delivered our order but they delivered to someone else. We never received our order.
    We couldn’t make contact with the driver. Big fng mess. What’s my recourse? Not only have to fight this but now have to go find my own food. How can you screw this up?
    Please advise.

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