Reasons Why UberEats Sucks

Reasons Why UberEats Sucks

So it’s no secret that UberEats sucks and just about everybody knows it, minus a few people who have no clue. If you’ve never used UberEats before, there is probably a good reason why. Be glad that you have not had the privilege of going through the things UberEats puts its customers and drivers through.

Here are the reasons why UberEats sucks so badly. Some of these you may be familiar with and some of them you may have no idea about.

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Missing Items In Orders

So whenever UberEats brings someone an order, it is usually missing an item or two. Now, some will say that the restaurant is the one who screws up the orders and leave items out. This is true but the delivery driver is supposed to ensure that the order is correct when he picks it up.

Think about it, when a person picks up the order themselves they likely check the order. So why should this be any different when an UberEats driver picks up the order. It is necessary that they make sure everything on the order is accounted for.

Overpriced Orders

doordash overpriced

Everyone talks about and really complains about how overpriced UberEats is. They charge service fees and tips on top of already high-priced orders. This is simply a way or a scheme for UberEats to profit and keep making more money from each order.

UberEats customers are very dissatisfied with these outrageous order totals due to all the fees that UberEats tacks on to each order. Something needs to be done to remove some of those fees. Whether UberEats knows it or not, they are making people despise them and not want to do business with them.

Slow Service

UberEats is so slow. Their drivers take their time and this is obviously because UberEats allows it. If they aren’t doing something about drivers who deliver orders later than they should, it is going to continue to happen each and every time.

It’s not enough for the restaurants to be slow about fixing food but UberEats is even slower about accepting orders and delivering the food to the customer. Slow service is definitely a turn-off and that is one of the many reasons why UberEats sucks.

Cold Food

Speaking of slow service, UberEats takes so long to deliver food. Do you know what happens when they take forever to deliver orders to the customers? Yes, the food grows cold.

A lot of foods are supposed to be warm at the least by the time they reach the customer. No one wants food that is supposed to be hot to be cold. Eating cold food is no fun.

However, this is the reality when you order from UberEats. You are going to get cold, disgusting food every time. No matter how many times people complain about the cold food, UberEats does nothing.

The UberEats drivers are extremely slow about delivering food and this results in a poor customer experience. Now the customer is mad and upset. This leads to the next reason why UberEats sucks.

Low Ratings

It doesn’t just suck to be a customer for UberEats but it also sucks to work for UberEats. Sometimes things happen that are out of the delivery driver’s control but the customer will still leave a bad rating for the driver. With enough of these low ratings, UberEats may actually deactivate the delivery driver so that they can’t deliver for UberEats anymore.

This is a repeated process. It is nothing unusual about customers leaving bad ratings for UberEats drivers. Drivers may or may not be punished or penalized for the bad rating.

While some UberEats drivers deserve bad ratings, there are some that do not. Some people drive for both UberEats and Uber X so when they pick up Uber X customers they a lot of times will complain about the car smelling like food. And don’t let it be food that stinks because they are really going to leave a bad rating and review.

This is obviously something that can’t be helped by the driver because he works as an UberEats driver as well. You have no control over how the food smells or how it leaves your car smelling. So the fact that UberEats even takes these kinds of complaints seriously is a big issue.

Limited Choices

The menu choices on UberEats are very limited. There is not a lot of different items to choose from. You would think for all the money that they charge that there would be a varying amount of choices.

There is not a lot to choose from but yet they charge a lot of money. This is not fair or right by a long shot. UberEats needs to get themselves together but this is some of the reasons why they suck.

An alternative to Uber Eats is Doordash.

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1 thought on “Reasons Why UberEats Sucks”

  1. I agree one thousand percent. Uber Eats now has it’s customer help people in India. Here the people are uncaring, and unhelpful. They can’t call the driver…..Well, if their business is predicated on the use of their cell phone, then why can’t they be reached? Have the price of food in the restaurant gone up? NOOOOO Then why have the fees and food cost gone up with Uber Eats?
    Thew service is horrible. The reason is that the drivers have 2 or 3 phones, so they work for Uber Eats, but also from GrubHub, DoorDash or even independent restaurants directly. At the end, they take them all and deliver them as they see fit. I spent about $2,000 per month with Uber Eats. They lost my business. In a few more months, we will be totally out of the pandemic, and no one will need their services.

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