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If you have bought something from Vuori, but you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may want to know about the return policy. This is an important question to ask if you need to get a return ready to go.

It is always a good idea to look into this beforehand, as you never know what kind of return policy a store has. There are often limitations, and you will want to be aware of these so that you know if your item can be returned.

The good thing is that most stores do accept returns, so you have a better chance of having luck returning your item. Keep reading to find out what kind of return policy Vuori has and how it applies to your return.

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What Is the Return Policy at Vuori?

Vuori has a very reasonable return policy that makes it easy for customers to get exactly what they want out of their purchase. It offers a 120-day return policy that gives you a long time to really decide if this item is right for you.

This is a very long return policy timeline that allows you more than enough time when making this decision. Especially when you consider that most stores only allow for 30 to 60 days before making a return.

What Is the Return Policy at Vuori

Vuori has built its business on trying to create more happiness in its customers. This is why it has designed a return policy that makes it easy to do returns if you are not 100% happy with your purchase.

Vuori doesn’t want you to keep anything that you are not completely satisfied with, as it wants you to have the best shopping experience. And this goes over to the experience of doing a return as well.

These standards apply to both in-store and online purchases, not allowing you 120 days.

To make an in-store return, you can just take your item and receipt to the nearest Vuori store. If returning online, simply start the return process by picking what you wish to return and getting the item ready to ship.

Does Vuori Do Exchanges?

Now that you know that you can make returns to Vuori, you probably want to know more about exchanges. Exchanges are a great option if you liked what you bought, but it either isn’t the right fit or color.

This allows you to return that item to get the same item with a few changes so that it is perfect for you. Though many people also do exchanges if there is something of the same price that they would rather buy.

return policy

Unfortunately, Vuori does not do any direct exchanges in its stores or online. This is something that it has never done, though it may start doing it in the future.

What you can do instead is to return the item that you don’t want so that you can get a refund. Vuori has the option of issuing you a refund to your original payment method or by giving you store credit.

You can get the store credit faster and buy the item that you want in an exchange. This requires you to place a new order, but it still gives you the same results as a direct exchange.

Can Online Vuori Items be Returned?

Online Vuori items can be returned just as easily as Vuori items to the store. This can be done by going to your orders on the Vuori website to view the item that you want to return.

Does Vuori Do Exchanges

You will need to do these things in order to start your online return:

  • Choose the item you want to return
  • Ad your order number
  • Add your order email address
  • Confirm return
  • Print the shipping label
  • Package the item and ship it

You can easily start your return by following these steps and carefully packaging the item. Print the shipping label so that you can attach it yourself and ship it easily without any extra hassle or wait time.

This is a little different from making a Vuori return in the store, as returning in the store is a simpler process. All this requires is that you have the item you wish to return as well as a receipt.

This allows you to instantly get a refund as your item can be processed right then and there in the store. For online returns, the process is a little longer, and you will have to wait to get your refund.

Can You Return Vuori Products After 120 Days?

Vuori is known for its incredibly generous return timeline that allows you to make a return within 120 days. In many cases, this is more than enough time to decide if this product is the right fit for you or not.

Vuori Return Policy

Aside from having such a great return policy timeline, Vuori also allows for returns after those 120 days are up. This is perfect for times when you may not have immediately opened your package or later changed your mind after the 120 days were up.

In order to make a Vuori return after 120 days, you will have to settle for in-store credit instead of a refund to your original payment method. This allows you to still get a full refund, but you won’t be able to spend that money just anywhere.

This store credit can only be used at Vuori to buy other items that you may have had your eye on. This may not always be ideal, but it is still a good option if you have gone beyond the 120-day policy.

This allows you to still get your money back, it is just in a different form. This can also be great if you already had your eye on something in the store that you thought about buying.

Can a Vuori Gift be Returned?

It is not uncommon for people to get Vuori gifts given to them by friends or family members. The downside to this is that the item may not necessarily be something that you want or need.

The good thing is that Vuori does accept gift returns as it wants you to be 100% satisfied. When returning a gift, you will not have the option of making an exchange as Vuori doesn’t do actual exchanges.

Though you will be able to get a refund in the form of a Vupori gift card. This will allow you to return the gift you didn’t want and buy something that you actually will be able to enjoy from Vuori.

This is just as good as an exchange and allows you to find something else that you will be completely satisfied with.

What Is Vuori’s Return Policy Like?

Vuori has a return policy that is designed to keep its customers as happy as they can be. It does this by offering 120-day returns that allow for plenty of time to make up your mind about your items.

Vuori also offers refunds to your original payment method as well as store credit for returns that don’t apply for a refund to your payment method. It also offers Vuori gift cards for items that were gifts that you are returning.

No matter what kind of Vuori return you have, this process is going to be simple and straightforward, so your shopping experience is nothing but positive.

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