Walmart Final Pay Deduction

If you have received your last paycheck from Walmart, you may have noticed that it is not quite as large as it should be. You may see that there has been a deduction from your earnings, and you want to know why that is.

This is a common complaint as employees do not expect to not get the full amount that they are owed. Unfortunately, it is common for Walmart employees to receive a much smaller final check than they had anticipated on getting.

Keep reading to find out what a Walmart final pay deduction is and what you should expect.

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What is a Walmart Final Pay Deduction?

Walmart, like any other employer, has the ability to deduct certain amounts from your final paycheck. This can be done at any place of employment if you have items that you were supposed to return but never did or wages you shouldn’t have gotten.

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Walmart will hold back these amounts from your final paycheck and mark them down as a deduction. This is why it is important to understand the deduction policies at your local Walmart if you are quitting or getting fired.

Walmart will typically include a deduction for things like:

  • Days missed
  • Box cutter
  • Vest
  • Badge
  • Employee discount card

These are just a few things that it can deduct for, if you were supposed to return these items and failed to do so. Not every Walmart requires that you bring back these items, but some do depend on the location.

If you fail to return these items, Walmart will just deduct the fee from your final pay. It will also do this if it discovers that you were paid overtime by mistake or paid for days that you didn’t work.

In more serious cases, Walmart could also do deductions for damages to Walmart merchandise or property.

How Do I Get My Last Paycheck From Walmart?

If you have quit working at Walmart, you may be wondering how you are going to get your final paycheck. Some Walmart locations will give you your paycheck the way that it normally does.

Most Walmarts disperse paychecks through electronic deposits, if this is the case where you worked, you will most likely still receive it this way. Though there are several ways that you might get your paycheck depending on how that Walmart handles final paychecks.

Some places will send your final paycheck by mail or even ask that you come in to pick it up. It really just depends, as some Walmarts like to handle final payments differently than normal monthly paychecks.

You can always ask about this when you let your managers know that you are quitting your position. They should be able to tell you how to expect to get your final paycheck.

You will also most likely receive your final check on payday like you normally would. They aren’t usually sent out on a different date, even if they are a final check.

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Will I Get my Last Paycheck If Walmart Fires Me?

If Walmart fires you for some reason, you will get your final paycheck if they are legally required to give it to you. You do not need to worry about your paycheck being held by Walmart just because you were fired.

Many paces will give you your last paycheck the day that you were fired. Your manager may give it to you before you even leave the store.

Some places are required to give you your final paycheck within 72 hours if you were fired. This is common for Walmart locations in California.

Either way, you can expect to receive your final paycheck either within a few days or on your regular payday. It just depends on how that specific Walmart handles firing people and handing their final paycheck.

Does Walmart Have a Final Pay Deduction?

Walmart does have final pay deductions if you have either been paid for days you didn’t work or did not return items owned by Walmart. This is very common if you were accidentally paid or you did not return items like your discount card or box cutter.

Walmart is legally able to deduct funds from your final paycheck to cover these expenses. This is why your final paycheck may look smaller than it should, it should also show just how much was deducted.

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