Walmart Job Abandonment Policy

If you are going to start working at Walmart, you may be wondering about Walmarts job abandonment policy. What is it, and what kinds of rules does it have when it comes to job abandonment by employees?

These are good questions to ask when you start working at Walmart. There are all kinds of different Walmart policies, and it doesn’t hurt to become more familiar with them if you are able to.

Keep reading to find out just what Walmart’s job abandonment policy is and how that affects you.

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What is Walmart’s Job Abandonment Policy?

Walmart doesn’t seem to have much of a job abandonment policy that it follows strictly like its other policies. It doesn’t even have a specific time frame that shows that a job has actually been abandoned by a Walmart employee.

This is just one of many areas where Walmart’s policy is murky, making it hard to know the details. It is obviously a bad idea to abandon your Walmart position, but what happens if you do?

The best guess is that you will eventually miss so many days that you will have earned over 5 points. Walmart runs off of a point-based system, so if you earn 5 points within 6 months, you could be fired.

That or Walmart may just get the idea that you are abandoning your position and consider this as your resignation. If you show up again eventually, your position will most likely be filled by someone else.

You could always ask about this, but that can send the wrong message to Walmart management. Especially if you are only in the interviewing stage and have not been officially hired just yet.

Can You Get Rehired After Abandoning a Walmart Job?’

Walmart’s job abandonment policy is clear on one point and that is that you can get rehired. This is a potential opportunity for any employee who has abandoned their Walmart position for any length of time.

Walmart Job Abandonment Policy

All you have to do is wait 90 days after abandoning your position and reapply for a new position on the Walmart team. Though there is a possibility that you may have to wait for up to a year, depending on how the situation went down.

If it was recorded as being attendance issues, you could probably get rehired in 90 days. If it was recorded as being a job abandonment, you may have to wait much longer to be considered, as an option for rehiring.

The only instances where you are no longer considered to be rehirable and will never be able to work at Walmart again are:

  • Theft
  • Workplace violence
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Arrest
  • Abuse

These are the only times where you are truly no longer rehirable by Walmarts standards. Otherwise, there is always a chance if you wait long enough and have a manager on your side to help things along.

Is Job Abandonment The Same as Quitting Walmart Job?

Job abandonment is not necessarily recognized as someone quitting their job. Quitting your Walmart job would be a much easier and cleaner solution than simply abandoning your job.

Abandoning your job could mean that it is recorded as job abandonment or as an issue with absences. This makes it harder to get rehired, and you have to wait much longer, depending on the circumstances.

Quitting your job is cleaner and allows you to reapply later on with less hassle and a shorter wait time. There will be no ill will as you did the right thing and quit, so you can always get a new position later on if you change your mind.

Abandoning your job is mostly seen as simply failing to do what you are supposed to do, which can make rehiring more complicated for you.

Do You Have to Give Walmart Notice to Quit?

You do not have to give Walmart any notice if you have decided to quit your Walmart job. This is because Walmart is also not required to give you notice if it were to fire you, so it goes both ways.

This means that you can walk into your job at any time and let a manager know that you quit. It is considered best to give them some advance notice just to be polite, but it is not required.

Does Walmart Have a Job Abandonment Policy?

Walmart does not have much of a job abandonment policy for its employees. The only clear policy that it has is that employees who abandoned their job can try to reapply in 90 days to a year afterward.

Though there is no guarantee of getting rehired as job abandonment is serious and won’t be taken lightly. Walmart doesn’t appreciate this behavior and might very well not hire you back if this is what happened.

It is better to simply quit your job as you can always go back and try to get rehired later on. This is the more respected route and gives you a better chance at working at Walmart again in the future.

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