Walmart Vest Colors Meaning

If you have ever shopped at Walmart, you probably noticed the differently colored vests and wondered what they meant. Why are there different colors, and is that supposed to signify something to shoppers?

These are common questions as Walmart often uses different colors to signify different things within the store. So it makes sense that it would also be doing this with the differently colored vests that its employees wear.

Keep reading to find out what exactly these different colors mean and why Walmart employees wear them.

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What Do Different Colored Walmart Vests Mean?

If you have ever been to Walmart, you have most likely noticed the differently colored vest details. These colors actually mean something and can distinguish one employee from another depending on the job that they are working and their responsibilities.

Recently, Walmart rolled out a new selection of vests all in a steel gray color. Though it is still color coding them by including differently colored details along the edges of the vest.

Now when you go to Walmart, you should be able to spot several different colors of vests. The colors that you may notice are:

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green

These colors trim the dark gray vests and signify what part of the store that employee works at. As well as their responsibilities and how they can help you out if you need assistance.


A gray vest with blue trim stands for a supercenter associate who has all kinds of jobs in the store. This person can help you with whatever you need as they know all there is to know about Walmart.

Their job includes greeting customers, helping customers, price checking, organizing shelves, and organizing displays.


Green trimmed vests stand for neighborhood market associates, and they are typically in neighborhood market Walmart locations. They have a lot to do with customer service and are always willing to help out customers.

Neighborhood market associates have the same jobs that supercenter associates do, except they focus more on the customers. Their jobs are to improve the customer’s experience and make the store as welcoming as possible.


A yellow trimmed vest stands for an employee who works at the self-checkout center. They also may work at the registers if there is more help needed there during the day.

Walmart Vest Colors Meaning

These employees are there to help customers check out their groceries quickly and easily. They are there if any issues come up and can help to identify hard-to-scan items.

Why Did Walmart Change Its Vests?

Walmart changed its vests a few years ago as it was looking to change up its image for its stores. This was a welcome change as the old blue vests were outdated and all looked the same to shoppers.

Walmart replaced the old vests with dark gray vests with colored trim for a fresher and more modern look. This has improved the way Walmarts look while still making it easy to find employees if you need to ask a question.

Does Walmart Have a Dress Code?

Walmart has a very relaxed dress code that typically involves a casual outfit that is easy to work in. It requires that employees wear the outfit shirt as well as the vest, but the rest of their outfit is up to them.

Pants and skirts are allowed as long as they are not distressed, torn, bedazzled, or are yoga pants. Shoes are required to be sneakers for comfort so that employees can do their jobs without pain.

Overall, this is a very relaxed dress code that allows Walmart employees to dress as they like and remain comfortable.

What do the Colored Vests at Walmart Mean?

The different colored vests at Walmart signify the kind of position that that employee fills. This includes cashiers, self-checkout helpers, supercenter associates, and neighborhood market associates.

These colors are used to help Walmart employees know who fills what position as well as to help out customers. Customers who understand the colors can use them to find the person that they need to talk to.

Walmart has used colors for a very long time to organize its employees and make things run smoother. This helps everyone to do their job as well as they can and know who to go to for help if they need it during their shift.

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