Walmart Key Event Dates

If you are new to working at Walmart, you may be wondering what Walmart’s key event dates mean.

This is a common question as this is a mysterious aspect of Walmart that can be confusing to employees who have never heard of it.

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There are many aspects of working at Walmart that people may not know about until they start working there themselves.

Key event dates are just one aspect of this that might be new to you if you have gotten a position at your local Walmart.

Keep reading to find out exactly what key event dates are at Walmart and why they matter.

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What Are Walmart Key Event Dates?

The key event dates at Walmart are specific days that are considered to be important days for that year’s calendar layout. This includes special holidays, sales, and many other types of special dates that the store might be busier during.

You can use this link to check store specific dates.

The key event dates for every Walmart store might be different depending on the location. Though the most common key event dates at most stores will include:

Event Date Description
New Year’s Day Sale January 1, 2023 Steep discounts on a wide range of products, including electronics and home appliances.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Sale January 16, 2023 Special offers on apparel to home essentials as a tribute to this civil rights leader.
Presidents’ Day Sale February 20, 2023 Fantastic deals on electronics and furniture.
Easter Sale April 9, 2023 Special offers on chocolates, Easter eggs, and decorations.
Memorial Day Sale May 29, 2023 Discounts on electronics, outdoor furniture, and summer essentials.
Q1 Earnings Release May 18, 2023 Key date for investors to understand Walmart’s financial performance.
Shareholders’ Meeting June 2, 2023 Event to discuss the company’s strategies and financial outlook.
Back-to-School Sale July/August 2023 Incredible deals on school supplies, backpacks, and clothing.
Labor Day Sale September 4, 2023 Discounts on appliances, furniture, and outdoor equipment.
Q2 Earnings Release August 17, 2023 Key financial insights for investors and analysts.
Halloween Sale October 31, 2023 Deals on costumes, decorations, and treats.
Q3 Earnings Release November 16, 2023 Important for investors to assess financial health.
Black Friday Extravaganza November 24, 2023 Jaw-dropping discounts on various products.
Cyber Monday Bonanza November 27, 2023 Exclusive online deals on electronics and tech gadgets.
Christmas Sale December 25, 2023 Special offers on toys, decorations, and gifts.
Year-End Clearance December 26, 2023 Massive discounts on seasonal items.
Walmart’s Anniversary Sale Date TBA Keep an eye on updates for deals across multiple departments.

These are just a few significant holidays that are usually marked down as key event days for Walmart. These are days when the store is going to be the most busy and have the most going on.

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Walmart Key Event Dates

While many companies close their stores on major days of the year, Walmart often tends to stay open. Walmart will usually only close its doors on the most significant holidays of the year to give staff this day off.

The day before these holidays could also be considered a key event date, especially before Christmas day and Thanksgiving day. These are times when the most shoppers are flooding the store to buy last-minute items for the holiday.

Checking Walmart’s Key Event Dates

To check the event dates at your Walmart, there are a few steps to follow. It is important that you do this for the Walmart that you work at as most stores will have different event dates.

The last thing that you want to do is look at the wrong location and get the key dates all mixed up.

To do this, you will need to go to the Walmart website and log in to your employee account.

You should then check the GTA portal, preferably when you are at work through the GTA p[ortal at the Walmart store.

You will most likely need to log into your GTA portal account, but this may not always be necessary to see the key event dates for your store.

Your management team should have the key event dates posted for employees to see if they look in the GTA portal.

key event dates walmart

This isn’t always the case, however, so you may have to ask about it. You should do this by finding your manager or someone else in a higher position in the store.

Make sure to either mark those days down in your calendar or take a photo so that you can remember them.

Can I Call Off on Key Event Dates at Walmart?

You have the option of calling off of work on a key date if you do not want to go in. This is very common as these can be very hectic days that no one wants to have to work.

walmart events

As a Walmart employee, you have the right to call in as much as you like as long as you give enough notice.

Absences or calling in last minute will result in you getting a point added to your record.

If you call in last minute or miss work on a key date, you will be given three points total. This is significant since you can be fired after getting five points within a six-month period.

Key Event Dates

Key event dates at Walmart stand for days on the calendar that are very important for the store. This could include holidays like black Friday and valentine’s day or days where there are sales or specials.

It is important for employees to know about these days so that they can prepare to work them. That or be ready to call in in advance if they don’t want to have to deal with those busy days in the store.

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