Walmart Website Sucks

If you have ever tried to use the Walmart website, you may be wondering why it sucks so bad and never seems to work. This is a common question amongst Walmart customers as they struggle to use the website that never seems to work.

It is not uncommon for physical companies to somewhat abandon their online websites. Though this can be a huge issue considering that so many customers have opted to shop online rather than in the store.

Keep reading to find out why the Walmart website sucks and never seems to work the way that it should.

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Why Does the Walmart Website Suck?

The Walmart website has received a huge amount of backlash from customers because the website doesn’t seem to ever work correctly. This is mostly due to the fact that the website is not intended to be an actual shopping platform.

walmart website sucks

Walmart created its app to be used as a shopping platform for its customers, it did not intend for them to use the website. This doesn’t make much sense, however, as many people do use the website instead of the app.

Many have complained that the Walmart website sucks for a variety of reasons including:

  • Items being removed from the cart
  • Slow loading times
  • Website glitches
  • Confusion with in-store and online products
  • Orders not going through
  • Difficulty returning items

These are just some of the complaints that customers have had about the website and how it works. It makes sense that these issues would be occurring if Walmart does not want customers actually shopping there.

It seems as though Walmart has dedicated its time to perfecting its app and making that work better. While completely abandoning its website and letting it continue to work badly and frustrate customers.

Did Walmart Redo Its Website?

Though it is hard to know for sure, it does seem as though Walmart has done an update to its website recently. This was noticed as the site offered different options that hadn’t been there before.

It most likely did this to include the different shopping options that it has created for customers. Such as its delivery, pickup, and shipping options that customers can now choose from.

The website does seem to have been updated and improved to work a bit better than it used to. A few years ago, the Walmart website was almost unusable due to how badly it worked and ended up glitching when you used it.

Now the website seems to be operating more smoothly, allowing you to get more shopping done. This is a step that will hopefully improve Walmart customers’ experiences and keep them coming back for more.

Especially as online shopping is only becoming more and more popular by the year, and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

people dislike walmart website

Why Is Walmart so Bad?

Many people are very much against Walmart, which can seem confusing to other Walmart customers. Why is Walmart so bad, and why do so many people refuse to shop or work there?

With Walmart being such a popular place to buy things, it seems odd that it would have such a poor reputation. Though this is the result of several different things.

Walmart has acquired a reputation for being a bad place to work, making it harder to find good Walmart employees. This has also discouraged customers from shopping there as they do not want to support poor work practices.

Walmart is often accused of having poor working conditions and extremely low wages for its employees. It has also been accused of keeping employees part-time so that they cannot have access to any special benefits.

This is usually the top complaint along with other small problems that people have seen at the com[pany with how it treats its staff.

Why Do People Think the Walmart Website Sucks?

People often say that the Walmart website sucks because it never seems to be working correctly and has many glitches. Walmart has made it clear that it does not intend for customers to use the website as a shopping platform.

That is why it made its Walmart app so that customers can shop there. Because of this, Walmart has all but abandoned its website to focus on its app and making that work as well as it can.

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  1. Fawk Walmart. How BAD do you have to be when I guy can’t simply order some long underwear??? So FAWK these incompetent greedy corporate piggies. This is why Target, though more expensive, is kicking Walmart’s ass. Time IS money; and I’ve wasted far too much time trying to “save” money by shopping Walmart. ENOUGH!

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