Walmart PTO Vs PPTO

If you are working at Walmart, you may feel confused by the PTO and PPTO system that it has in place. What do PTO and PPTO stand for, and what makes them different from each other.

These are all important questions to ask if you plan on working at Walmart and need to know about how it runs. You will want to understand PTO and PPTO so that you can put these options to good use.

Keep reading to find out what exactly PTRO and PPTO stand for and why they are different from each other.

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What Is The Difference Between Walmart PTO and PPTO?

PTO at Walmart stands for paid time off, while PPTO stands for protected paid time off. PTO points are earned on a per-hour basis that is ultimately determined by how long you have been with the company. PPTO is similar though all employees get the same amount.

With PPTO, you earn an hour of protected paid time off for every 30 hours that you work. This is used for times when you just can’t make it to work but don’t want to earn occurrences that could get you fired.

At Walmart, an accumulation of 5 or more occurrences could result in termination. This includes being very late or having to skip out on your shift for something else.

PTO is the normal kind of paid time off that employees expect to get. It allows you to take vacations and days off if you have something planned.

Both types of time off are important as they allow you to take time off of work as needed. Though they should both be used differently in order to use that paid time to your best extent.

Which is Better: Walmart PTO and Protected PTO?

Both Walmart PTO and PPTO are very important and will come in handy for Walmart associates. This is because they are used for different things.

Walmart PTO Vs PPTO

It is important to know that regular part-time and full-time associates will earn both PTO and PPTO. While temporary associates only get to have access to PTO.

PPTO is important as it provides you with the time that you can take off if you just can’t make it to work. If you did not have the PPTO, you could get into trouble and even be fired for time missed.

PPTO is most commonly used for sick days so that you can still get paid and not get marked for being absent. While PTO is there for whatever you want to use it for, it is usually used for vacation time.

Both are very important as they allow you to take paid time off as needed. Whether that be because you got sick, had a family emergency, or want to go out of town for a long weekend.

How Fast Can You Get PTO at Walmart?

At Walmart, you will begin to earn your PTO after 90 days of working there. Once you begin earning, you can use your PTO as soon as you like, there are no time restrictions.

Though many Walmart employees will wait for a while until they have accumulated more PTO. Otherwise, you won’t have much to work with.

You earn PTO for every hour that you work and can earn more the longer you work at Walmart. Associates who have been working at Walmart for many years will be able to earn more PTO faster.

It can be hard to understand, but you can break it down like this:

  • 40 hours worked = 1 hour PTO
  • An average 8-hour shift throughout the year = 6.5 days PTO

You can also discuss your PTO with your boss if you are struggling to understand how much you have available. Or if you want the opportunity to earn more.

What Are The Differences Between PPTO and Walmart PTO?

Walmart PTO is paid time off while PPTO is protected paid time off. PPTO is time off that allows you to miss work without accumulating points for missing.

This is perfect for emergencies, unexpected issues, and when you get sick and can’t go to work. This is the safety net that Walmart employees have to fall back on if they have to suddenly miss their shift.

PTO is general paid time off and is usually used so that you can take a yearly vacation or have a few long weekends.

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