Lowe’s Toilet Installation Cost

If you need to replace your toilet, you may be wondering how much Lowe’s charges for toilet installation. This is a common question as people are trying to find the best toilet installation prices out there.

Having to have your toilet replaced is a necessary expense for many people.

Especially if something is wrong with it and they need to find a way to replace it quickly and without spending too much.

Keep[ reading to find out how much Lowe’s typically charges for a basic toilet installation job.

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Lowe’s Price to Install a Toilet

Lowe’s is a great place to get your new toilet installed as it offers below-average installation prices. While the average toilet costs $225 to $530 to install by most companies, Lowe’s only charges $180 for a simple toilet installation job.

Lowe’s is known for its reasonable prices and high-quality products. It is just as good as any other home improvement store while offering much cheaper prices without sacrificing any quality.

Company Price
Lowest Price $225
Highest Price $530
Lowe’s Price $180

Lowe’s only charges $180 for a very simple toilet installation job that is simple and straightforward. This is the kind of job that most people who are replacing a toilet will need to have done.

This price can change depending on the complexity of the job, this includes things like:

  • Plumbing issues
  • Higher end toilets
  • Complicated construction
  • Removing the old toilet

All of these things could make the price go up depending on how extensive they are. These are things to consider when you are looking at hiring Lowe’s to install your toilet.

Even if there are details that make the price greater than $180, Lowe’s is still most likely going to be offering you the better price. When compared to other companies, you would most likely be looking at a far more expensive project.

This Is What Lowe’s Installation Covers

Lowe’s only covers the very basics of replacing a toilet in your home. This includes getting the new toilet there, installing it, and hooking the plumbing up.

Toilet Installation

This is a very basic job, and you will have to pay more for more work involved. This includes if the toilet is difficult to put in, if the old toilet needs to be removed, or if there are plumbing issues.

The good thing about having Lowe’s install your toilet is that you get a one-year labor warranty to ensure that everything was done correctly.

If issues start occurring within one year, Lowe’s will see to it that the problem is resolved quickly.

You can also save a percentage by buying the toilet at Lowe’s and hiring Lowe’s services to install it. This is a deal that most companies coffee to encourage customers to buy their products and use their services all in one go.

Lowe’s also provides a warranty on all of its toilet models, ensuring that they will work correctly. If not, Lowe’s will see to it that it does.

Set up a Lowe’s Toilet Installation Job

You can go ahead and buy a Lowe’s toilet either in the store or online at the Lowe’s website. You can then call a Lowe’s representative or fill out a toilet installation form to get the process started.

checking toilet

A Lowe’s associate will be able to link you to a professional in that service if you call instead of filling out a form. You can set up an appointment and request a quote on your particular toilet installation.

When you purchase a Lowe’s toilet in combination with the toilet installation at Lowe’s, an installer will automatically call you. This is the fastest option as you can schedule a time for installation right then and there.

Make sure you have already done some of the necessary steps yourself, such as making sure the toilet measurements are correct. If you already bought the toilet, check to make sure it is in good condition and isn’t damaged in any way.

The Process

You can have Lowe’s install your new toilet for only $180 for a basic installation job. This is very cheap and much cheaper than the national average for replacing a toilet with a new one.

This is a great direction to go to save money and to ensure that the job is done properly. Lowe’s only hires the best installers and makes sure that your toilet has a warranty.

You also get a one-year labor warranty to cover any issues if the toilet wasn’t installed correctly or stops working later on after being used. This is extra security to help you feel comfortable using Lowe’s installation services.

Lowe’s makes it very easy to start this process so that you don’t have to deal with any of the stressful details. You can get everything done from one place, from buying the toilet to having it installed in your home.

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