Can Planet Fitness Guests Use The Massage Chairs and Hydro Massage Areas?

If you know someone with a Planet Fitness membership, you may be wondering if you can use the special features at Planet fitness. Such as the massage chairs and hydro massage areas of the gym.

This is a good question as these areas are some of the most desired elements of any Planet Fitness gym. And you may be wondering if you can enjoy these features as a guest.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Planet fitness guests get to use the massage chair and hydro chair areas.

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Can Planet Fitness Guests Use Massage Chairs or Hydro Massage?

Planet Fitness guests are not allowed to use the massage or hydro chair areas, unfortunately. This is because guests are very limited in where they can go and what they can do. They cannot do everything that an actual member can do.

Planet Fitness guests basically have as much freedom as a basic Planet Fitness member has. They cannot use any of the luxury or especially Planet Fitness features only the gym area.

Guests are only allowed to use the gym area and cannot use luxury options like the massage chairs, tanning beds, or hydro massage. They would have to become a member to get these benefits.

Only black card members have access to these areas and can use these special Planet Fitness features. These types of areas are off-limits to anyone guests are anyone with a basic membership that doesn’t include these benefits.

A black card member can bring one guest with them every time they visit the gym, but that guest has to remain in the gym area. They cannot do everything that the actual black card member can do.

What Can Guests Do at Planet Fitness?

Guests at Planet Fitness are very limited in what they can and cannot do at this gym. Because they are not paying members and are only guests, they can only have access to certain things in the gym.

Can Planet Fitness Guests Use The Massage Chairs and Hydro Massage Areas

Guests are only granted access to Planet Fitness to use the gym area. They cannot go with the black cardholder to enjoy the other things that Planet Fitness has to offer.

They are basically only granted the features that basic members get, which are access to the gym area and workout equipment. Anything else is strictly for black card members.

This is because a black card membership is more expensive to cover these special gym features. Bringing a guest is one of the benefits that a black card member gets to have.

They get access to things like hydro massage, massage chairs, tanning beds, red light therapy, and more.

Guests are also not allowed to come to the gym unless they have the member with them. They also cannot simply take the member’s card to check in as them as there is a photo ID that comes up.

Guests can only come to Planet Fitness if they are with the black card member.

Can Guests at Planet Fitness Use The Massage Chairs or Hydro Massage Areas?

Guests at Planet Fitness have certain limitations and are not allowed in the massage chair or hydromassage areas. These areas are off-limits to guests and anyone else who is not a black card member.

This is because, in order to have a black card membership, you have to pay a much higher monthly gym fee. This helps to cover specialty features in the gym, such as hydro massage,m massage chairs, red light therapy, tanning beds, and more.

If you are a guest at Planet Fitness, you are only allowed access to the gym area. Here you can workout and use the gym gear, but you cannot go anywhere else in the gym.

You must also go to Planet Fitness with the black card member, you cannot go alone. It is also prohibited for anyone other than that member to check in with the member’s card or ID.

As a guest, you have certain limitations since you are not a paying member. If you want to have access to things like the massage chairs or hydro massage, you will have to get your own black card membership.

Even though it is more expensive, it is still very reasonably priced when compared to other gyms. As well as when you think about the things that you have access to.

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