Does Gamestop Do Anything for Birthdays?

If you have a birthday coming up, you may be wondering if Gamestop does anything for birthdays. If Gamestop will give you a gift or a discount or anything in celebration of this special day.

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This is a common practice amongst many businesses, so it is worth finding out if Gamestop does anything special.

Keep reading to find out if Gamestop does anything in celebration of its customer’s birthdays.

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Customer’s Birthday At Gamestop

Like many businesses, Gamestop does something special to celebrate the birthday of its cherished customers. This is usually done in the form of a 20% off coupon for any pre-owned game.

This allows you to get your next pre-owned game purchase at a discount in celebration of your birthday.

This isn’t much, but it is something and can still be an extra treat on your birthday. This is a great time to take advantage of that coupon to buy any games that you have had your eye on.

Considering pre-owned games are typically half of the price of new games, 20% could be quite useful in buying what you want. Especially if you are low on funds and don’t have any store credit left.

You can always call ahead to ask if your Gamestop location offers this 20% off gift just to be sure. You do not want to go down there to be disappointed, as not all Gamestops will offer this birthday gift.

Birthday Gifts

Gamestop does not give any gifts out to customers if it is their birthday. This would be just too big of an expense, and people would most likely try to take advantage of it.

Gamestop Birthdays

Though Gamestop does offer a 20% off discount coupon for all pre-owned games in most locations. This is a nice little coupon that shows you that you are a valued customer at Gamestop.

It isn’t much, but it is all a big company like Gamestop can offer as of right now. You should ask your local Gamestop if they offer this kind of coupon as some locations may not.

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You can do this by calling or emailing Gamestop support or simply asking in the store when you go shopping.

You Might Get A Coupon

Gamestop makes sure to celebrate its customer’s birthdays with a nice little coupon. This gift isn’t much, but it does give you a 20% off of a pre-owned game of your choice.

This can be a great time to buy that game that you have been wanting or to try something you haven’t played before.

This is a coupon that Gamestop offers along with other special offers.

You can find these by following Gamestop’s social media page, checking the coupon page, or by checking Amazon for Gamestop items.

These are all great ways to take advantage of the deals at Gamestop so that you can save some money. Cashing in your rewards and points is another great way of doing this when you buy from Gamestop.

You can also save by bringing in your old items to get store credit.

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