What Costs Extra at Chipotle?

Chipotle is one of the only fast-food chains that offers mostly healthy meals, making it more expensive than the average fast food place. This can make people go to great lengths to try and save money on their orders.

So, what costs extra at Chipotle, and by how much? Read on for everything you need to know about additional Chipotle fees.

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What Items Have Additional Costs at Chipotle?

The guacamole, extra meat, and any additional soft tortillas cost extra when ordering a meal at Chipotle. Typically, the employees will let you know these items cost extra, or there will be a sign. Extra charges for beans, rice, and other ingredients are up to the employee’s discretion.

how much chipotle extra ingredients cost

How Much Does Guac Cost?

Adding guac to an item or purchasing a side of guac at Chipotle costs $1.95 in most locations. This price might change due to inflation, rising employee wages, and various other factors.

If you’re spending $1.95 on extra guac at Chipotle twice a week every week, you might expect to pay just under $200 each year. These extra fees surely add up over time.

How Much Do Extra Tortillas Cost?

Every additional tortilla will cost 25 cents at Chipotle. This wasn’t always the case, and additional tortillas used to be free of charge. Many people used to use this ‘hack’ as a way to increase the value of their meal for no additional cost. However, in 2020 Chipotle made this change for all their restaurants.

How Much Does Extra Meat Cost?

The cost of extra meat at Chipotle will vary. The price can depend on the type of meat, location, store, time, and more. However, the price of additional meat seems to cost anywhere between $2.15 and $4.00. Some people have reported getting an extra helping of chicken for just $1.50. It’s safe to say that your mileage will vary depending on the circumstance.

Do Other Ingredients Cost Extra?

Generally speaking, extra servings of items like rice, beans, and fajita veggies shouldn’t cost extra when you’re at Chipotle. However, this can vary depending on the time, location, store, and employee.

Chipotle’s Policy

According to multiple employees, Chipotle’s policy for cashiers is “to do the right thing” when it comes to serving and charging for extra sides. To some employees, a good cashier might be someone who doesn’t charge extra for sides unless it’s guacamole, meat, or tortillas.

All of this means that you might be charged more for extra rice at some locations, times of day, or by certain employees. Some people mention that they only charge rude customers extra and let friendly customers slide.

Asking For a Little Extra…

Some people try to get the most out of their Chipotle order. This can be understood as Chipotle is fairly expensive, and the price is only increasing.

One way people get extra servings of meat is by asking for a little extra after the cashier scoops it. The best way might be to be kind and say something like, “Sorry, but can I get a bit extra (insert meat)?”

Remember that you might receive an additional charge anyways. Only try and get a little extra meat if you’re willing to spend the full price.

What if I Get Half and Half Meat?

Your price might vary If you like your burrito or bowl with half and half meat. Say you opt for half chicken and half steak; you’ll most likely be charged for whichever one costs more. However, this will vary depending on the time, location, store, cashier, and more.

What if I Get Triple Rice, No Beans, or Extra Salsa?

Let’s say you order a bowl with a triple serving of rice, no beans, and extra salsa. In most cases, you won’t be charged extra for an order like this unless you add an additional serving of meat or a scoop of guacamole.

However, your experience will vary depending on several different factors. You can always ask the cashier or a Chipotle team member If you aren’t sure about your order.

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What About Extra Cheese, Sour Cream, and Veggies?

Typically, you won’t be charged extra If you ask for extra scoops of cheese, sour cream, or fajita veggies. However, this can vary depending on the location, time, cashier, and circumstance.

Which Items Cost Extra at Chipotle?

Extra meat, additional soft tortillas, and guacamole cost extra at Chipotle. Guacamole costs an additional $1.95, while every additional soft tortilla is 25 cents. The cost of an extra scoop of meat can vary depending on the circumstance. There usually isn’t an extra fee for additional rice, beans, veggies, cheese, sour cream, or salsa.

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