What Does ROP Stand for at U-Haul?

Are you wondering what ROP stands for at U-Haul? You’re not alone, in fact, this is quite a common question that people have about this unfamiliar term used at U-Haul locations.

If you are planning on renting from U-Haul, it is a good idea to understand exactly what you are getting into and what you are paying for. This can save you a lot of frustration and stress later on down the road once you have already started your rental agreement.

Keep reading to find out just what ROP means at U-Haul and how it could apply to you and your rental.

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What Does ROP Mean at U-Haul?

At U-Haul, the term ROP stands for Roll Over Protection. This is a protection service offered by U-Haul to protect rental units that could potentially roll over. This helps to cover damages and ensure that you won’t be held entirely responsible.

This is an important element of protection as there is always the chance of a rollover happening. Rollovers are the risk you take when driving any large trucks or trailers.

If you are going to be traveling with a U-Haul rental, it is a good idea to get ROP as extra coverage. This can act as security in the case of a rollover happening, especially in areas of heavy traffic or windiness.

Does U-Haul Offer Protection for Renters?

Besides offering roll over protection for renters, U-Haul also has plans to further protect renters. These plans can help you to safely rent from U-Haul and ensure that you aren’t going to be liable for certain incidents that could happen.

What Does ROP Stand for at U-Haul

This includes plans such as:

  • Safemove
  • SafemovePlus

These plans are very similar, though SafemovePlus has more to offer renters.

With Safemove, you get coverage for post-accident damages that could be caused to the item that you are renting. It also covers your cargo and offers protection if your cargo is damaged by fire, winds, collision, or overturning.

Safemove also offers medical and life protection for you as the driver and any passenger that is with you.

SafemovePlus offers all of the same security, except it offers $1,000,000 supplemental liability coverage. This safeguards your personal insurance policy and gives you much more coverage.

It also offers extensive coverage for injuries, loss of life, and damages to U-Haul equipment. Overall, SafemovePlus is the better option for security and coverage, though it does cost more because of that.

What is ROP at U-Haul?

ROP at U-Haul stands for Roll Over Protection, this is a type of coverage that protects you in the case of a trailer or truck rollover. This is a great way to secure yourself in case this type of accident were to happen to your rental.

Rollovers are not uncommon, and this is a risk you could be taking with your rental. This is why it is always best to ensure that you have the necessary coverage to fall back on.

U-Haul also offers over kinds of coverage, such as Safemove and SafemovePlus. These options offer a wider scope of coverage to protect you in the instance of any damages to yourself, cargo, or rentals.

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