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If you want to grab a sub from Publix, you may be wondering how you can order a Publix sub online instead of going to the store. This is a very popular option that allows you to get a sub without any hassle or waiting in line.

Publix is a very popular place to get subs, and it has made the process even easier. Many Publix sub fans are now switching to ordering online so that they can get their subs from the comfort of their own home.

Keep reading to find out just how you can order a Publix sub online.

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How Do I Order Publix Sub?

You can order subs from Publix by using the website and getting store pickup so that you can schedule your sub order to be made. You have the option of using the app or the website either option works the same way when ordering food.

The website and app work very similarly, though the app tends to be more user-friendly. You can simply log in and choose the Publix sub that you want, or any other food option that it offers on the menu.

You can then choose the pickup option, and you will be given a time frame for when to expect your food to be done. Your pickup will be scheduled, and you can choose to pay on the app or online or pay when you pick up your order.

This is a very simple process and allows you to get food at Publix easily and quickly. No more standing in line and having to wait to have your food made.

Keep in mind that you will have to get a Club Publix account to use the app. This doesn’t cost any extra money, it just takes time to sign up to become a member.

This is why many Publix customers tend to just order through the website, even if the app is simpler to use.

Can I Pre-Order Publix?

One special option that Publix allows its customers is pre-ordering food. This makes it easy to order what you want in advance and know that it will be ready when you need it.

Publix Subs Order

This is an option that is very popular for people ordering for a crowd. It is very useful, whether you are scheduling food for a party, meeting, or getting together, Publix has your back.

Though it does ask that all platters be pre-ordered 24 hours in advance to allow Publix time to prepare the order. This is vital for those platers meant to feed dozens of people as they will take a long time to prepare.

Otherwise, you should be able to pre-order an ordinary sub without having to be a day in advance. Then it will be ready at the time that you scheduled so that you can go and pick it up.

Can I Customize Publix Subs?

Instacart Meals includes a digital deli counter that now allows you to customize your Publix sub order. This is great news for Publix fans, as customizations can be complicated when you are ordering online.

Though ordering from home is easier, it can be difficult to get, exactly what you want on your sub. You can’t talk to the person making it, so customization has always been a bit difficult.

But now with this new deli counter tool, you can customize your sub order as much as you want. You can build your own sub to make it exactly the way that you want, so it is completely customized.

Then all you have to do is add it to your cart and checkout like you normally would. This is a simple solution and allows you to get the sub that you want, even when you are ordering online.

Though you should keep in mind that this is limited to the subs at Publix, you can’t use this tool on any other menu items. You will have to take the other foods as they are and customize your subs only.

What is The Best Publix Sub?

Publix has a lot of hungry fans, and they all have a different opinion about what subs are better than the rest. Though, there are a few subs that really do rise above the rest and come out on top.

If customers were to choose one preferred Publix sub, it would probably end up being the Chicken Tender sub. This is a popular option that is filled with crispy chicken tender pieces that are perfectly moist and flavorful.

Anything with chicken tends to be a winner among customers, and this sub is no different. It is a filing option that most people would love to try whether they are a chicken tender fan or not.

Some other popular sub choices at Publix include:

  • Italian sub
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu sub
  • Havana Bold sub
  • Roast Beef sub
  • Jerk Turkey sub
  • Ultimate sub

These are just a few other subs that customers tend to love and order over and over again. But since you can also customize your sub order, you can get as creative as you like.

What is Publix Sub Dressing?

Publix has a deli sub dressing that it includes in many of its subs. This is a traditional dressing made to promote moisture in the sub and keep everything equally juicy and flavorful.

It is typically just called the deli sub dressing though it may also go by Publix sub sauce if you want to ask for it especially. This dressing is delicious and can be combined with other Publix sauces to give your sub a unique flavor.

The Publix deli dressing, is made with:

  • Olive oil
  • Red wine vinegar
  • Herbs
  • Spices and herbs
  • Salt
  • Canola oil
  • Sugar

This simple blend makes a delicious dressing that goes with any kind of sub. It is a great option for dryer meats like chicken and turkey that are at a risk of becoming dried out.

This dressing is acidic with plenty of flavor from the assortment of herbs and spices that have been marinating in it.

How Do I Make an Order at Publix?

If you want to order a Publix sub, one of the easiest ways to do this is to order on the Publix website. This is a fast and easy option that allows you to schedule to pick up your order without having to wait in line.

Publix also has an app, but you must become a Club Publix member to use it to place orders. This doesn’t cost anything extra, but it does take some time filling out your membership.

That is what most Publix customers tend to just order from the website as it is still easy to do and provides the same results.

When ordering online, you can choose to pay right there while you are on the website, or you can pay in the store. This will just require you to go to the Publix store and pay for your subs when you pick them up.

You can also pre-order subs in order to have them made and ready to go later on. This is a popular option for the Publix platters that are made to feed a crowd.

Just keep in mind that pre-ordered platters must be ordered 24 hours in advance. This gives Publix staff enough time to put the order together before you pick it up.

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