What Is Walmart Site Merch?

Walmart, one of the biggest grocery brands, sells an average of 120,000 items per location.

The stores average 107,000 square feet, with over 200 team members at each location. Accidents happen somewhat frequently because stores are so large.

One of the primary accidents might be misentries on items from cashiers, resulting in mysterious charges.

walmart site merch

So, what is the ‘Site Merch’ charge, and what can you do? Here’s what you need to know.

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What Is ‘Site Merch’ on Walmart Receipt?

Some Walmart customers report mysterious charges on their receipts, known as ‘Site Merch.’ These might be misentries from the cashiers when ringing in produce, bakery, or deli items.

‘Site Merch’ charges typically cost over a hundred dollars and can be refunded through customer service.

‘Site Merch’ Charge in Detail

Multiple customers have reported receiving a ‘Site Merch’ charge on their receipts. These are mysterious and unnerving as they’re usually for items the customer didn’t purchase. So, what gives?

Cashier Error

Several cashiers and employees attribute the ‘Site Merch’ charges to cashier error. These employees claim misentries for produce, backer, or deli items are most likely. When an employee rings in a produce item like a tomato, they enter a code and weigh it.

Or sometimes, they might have to manually enter a barcode number for items that aren’t registering or ringing incorrectly.


Unfortunately, many items are rung in under similar codes. An employee might misfire and enter the wrong code, causing a similar error.

The ‘Site Merch’ error typically occurs for Walmart’s produce, bakery, and deli items.

Thankfully, there are certain things you can do to avoid these errors the next time you shop at their store.

How to Get a Refund at Walmart

There are multiple ways to receive a refund, whether you received a ‘Site Merch’ error or need to exchange an item. Here are some basics to get you started.

What Is Walmart Site Merch

Return an Item In-Store

Products purchased from an in-store can only be returned in-store. However, you can return online items in-store or by mail. Here’s the process for producing an item in-store using a Walmart Account:

  • With Walmart Account, Start your return using the Walmart app or using the account history tab on Walmart.com.
  • Choose the products you wish to return and specify the reason.
  • Select “Return to Store” to receive a barcode.
  • Inspect the return summary and submit
  • Look for an email confirmation and bring the email confirmation code with you to the in-store Walmart.

Here are the steps to return an item if you don’t have an Account:

  1. Keep your receipt or order number with you.
  2. Use the online in-store return process to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.
  3. Choose if you have an in-store or online product purchase.
  4. Follow the provided prompts and steps.
  5. Look for an email confirmation and bring the email confirmation code with you to the in-store Walmart.

Remember to bring the items you wish to exchange or return, along with all the original packing and accessories, when you visit the in-store location. Be sure to bring any receipts, email confirmations, and proper identification as well.

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Charges On My Receipt

Sometimes Walmart customers will receive a charge on their receipts labeled ‘Site Merch.’

These errors usually occur when cashiers incorrectly enter information for produce, bakery, or deli items.

You can use the official Walmart website to begin the refund or exchange process. Be sure to keep your receipt and products If you received a ‘Site Merch’ charge.

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  1. Was this even written by a human? Does not answer question, just repeats a theory multiple times and gives directions on how to make returns, which has nothing to do with problem.

  2. My daughter works at Walmart and was called to help work the cash registers at her Walmart when it was busy. She was checking out customers and saw the site merch charge. One was for a dollar, one for twenty, and one for fifty. She did not enter any barcode or anything manually because she did not know how. They were charging multiple customers like that. The time it charged a customer $50 he only was buying bottles of coke. Each time she had to get a manager to remove the charge. I don’t believe it is the cashiers fault or mistake.

  3. This is the second time I was charged 6.22 for site Merch…I swear if Walmart steals my money again …once more. And I am done shopping there.this is ridiculous.

  4. I did not by any item that was produce, bakery or deli and the cashier did not have to ring any of the items in they were all scanned and I was still charged a SITE MERCH in the amount of $2.97. So it seems to me that this is something that is slipped in as a charge to the customer. Some custumers will never know because they never look at their ⁹receipt. I don’t know if this is something that is added to every sale or not, but WOW that is a good chuck of money for Walmart right there. And to be so spineless and blame their employee’s. WOW, I thought Walmart was a better place of employment than that.
    They say you learn something new everyday.

  5. What about if site March appears on your receipt and you want to a self-checkout? No cashier error there!

  6. When you see “Site Merch” , keep your receipt to return the item for a refund….If I knew what the item was, I probably wouldn’t have a problem!!

  7. So do I just go to Walmart and get a refund for the site merch charge?

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