Can Someone Else Pick Up My Home Depot Order?

When you order from Home Depot, you may order a lot of things. And you might not be able to pick up the order yourself.

Before you try to reschedule everything, consider if you can have a friend get the order for you. Then, you can get what you need when you need it.

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Can Another Person Pick Up Your Home Depot Order?

Another person can pick up your Home Depot order. However, you have to select that option when you buy the items online. If you forget, you may be able to call the store and ask them to add the other person for pickup.

You can also place a Home Depot order for pickup as a gift. Then, the recipient will be able to get the items from the store.

Why Have Another Person Get Your Home Depot Order

If you order from Home Depot, you may want to pick up what you bought. However, there may be different scenarios where you can’t.

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Home Depot Order

But you may know someone who is able to get the order. Then, you won’t have to let it sit at Home Depot and try to find time to pick it up later.

Here are a few reasons why you may want to get a friend to collect your Home Depot purchase.

You’re Busy

Of course, you might be busy and unable to make it to the store. Maybe you have a longer day of work than you expected. Or you might have to take care of your kids, and you can’t bring them with you to go to Home Depot.

The store might have received your order earlier than you expected, and you can’t get off of work. A lot of things can happen that make you too busy to go to Home Depot.

For whatever reason, you may need plenty of time to get your order. You have to drive to the store, load the items into your car, and drive back. That also means you need a big enough vehicle to carry what you bought, so if you have a small car, you may need a friend’s help.

You’re Far Away

Maybe your Home Depot order gets in early, but you’re not back from a trip yet. If you live in a city, you might have accidentally ordered the items for delivery to a different Home Depot.

In those cases, it makes sense to ask someone closer to the store to get the order for you. A friend or relative may live closer to the Home Depot store. When you’re not in town, they can hold the items for you until you get back.

You’re Giving a Gift

A more fun reason to have someone else pick up a Home Depot order is if you bought them a gift. You can add them to the order so that Home Depot will know the items are for them.

The friend or family member can present their ID to an employee to access the order. This is a great option if you have family in other cities and don’t want to ship your gifts to them. Instead, you can send them a letter or email telling them to go to their local Home Depot.

Then, they can learn you got them a gift, and it can be easier for you. Your loved one also won’t be surprised by a big package on their porch.

What You Need to Pick Up a Home Depot Order

Whoever picks up your Home Depot order will need a photo ID and a copy of the confirmation email for the order. Their name will also need to be on the order.

If you’re picking up an order for someone else, they should have added you when they bought the items. They can also forward the confirmation so that you have access to the email when you get to the store.

What If You Forget to Set a Different Pickup Person?

If you need someone else to pick up your order, you should add their name during the checkout process. However, it’s okay if you forget or if you realize later on that you need help.

In that case, you should call the Home Depot location you selected for pickup. Give them the name of the person you’re authorizing to get the items. Then, send them the confirmation email so that they have what they need.

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