What Kind of Salt Does Chipotle Use?

If you want to eat at Chipotle, you may be curious about the kind of salt that it uses. This is not an overly strange question as there are so many different kinds of salt, and you may want to know what kind Chipotle uses.

You may also be curious because Chipotle is a well-known health restaurant and caters to healthier diets. So you may wonder if it also uses a healthier kind of salt.

Keep reading to find out what kind of salt Chipotle uses to season its food.

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What Salt Does Chipotle Use?

Chipotle uses only kosher salt to season all of the food in the restaurant across all of its locations. This is used on things like, beans, rice, sofritas, salsa, and chips. This is the only kind of salt that Chipotle uses throughout its menu.

What is the Salt That Chipotle Uses

The salt at Chipotle is also non-iodized and is used in the same way throughout its restaurant locations. It does not tend to use any fancier salt options, such as sea salt or pink Himalayan sea salt.

It sticks to kosher salt that is non-iodized and safe for consumption. Salt is also provided at Chipotle locations for those who like their food a little saltier.

As far as salt goes, this is a healthy option that is best for a restaurant serving food to so many people. This reduces the risk of anyone having a reaction to the type of salt that it uses on the food.

This is also an affordable option since fancier salts tend to be more expensive and can raise the price of the food at Chipotle. Chipotle prefers to focus on sourcing sustainable and healthy ingredients rather than looking for fancier salt options.

Does Chipotle Use Lime Salt?

One star feature of Chipotle is its lime salt menu items that are deliciously salty and sour. This usually comes as lime rice or lime and salt chips for dipping.

What Kind of Salt Does Chipotle Use

Many people think that Chipotle has a special blend of lime salt to flavor these menu items, but it actually doesn’t. Chipotle only uses its normal kosher salt song with fresh lime juice to create this bold and delicious flavor.

It does not use any special salt blends, only fresh ingredients made right in the restaurant.

Not only does the lime juice add a great deal of flavor to tortilla chips, but it also helps the salt to stick better. This creates the perfect combination of crunchy, salty, and sour chips that are perfect for dipping into guac, salsa, or queso.

This means that you could easily make your own lime and salt rice or chips from the comforts of your home.

What is the Salt That Chipotle Uses?

Chipotle uses a basic kind of non-iodized and kosher salt to season all of its food. This is a very basic kind of salt that is relatively healthy and safe for anyone to consume.

This allows Chipotle to pay more attention to other ingredients instead of trying to have all kinds of special salts. This is a basic kind of salt and can be used to salt everything on the menu, from the rice to the chips to the guacamole.

Chipotle also does not create salt blends to use on any of its food, rather it uses fresh ingredients as the food is being made. This allows the flavors to be much more vibrant and fresh than just a salt blend for flavor.

This shows in Chipotle’s lime rice and lime and salt chips, as they are seasoned with lime juice and salt. This allows the flavors to be vibrant and sour, creating a perfect side to any entree on the menu.

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