What Tortilla Does Chipotle Use?

Anyone who wants to go out to eat at Chipotle may wonder what kinds of tortillas Chipotle uses. Because tortillas are such a big part of Mexican cuisine, this is a good question to ask before committing to one restaurant.

In general, it is a good idea to know about the food at a restaurant before going there, otherwise, you may be disappointed. Especially if you have any specific preferences, dietary needs, or allergies that you have to keep in mind.

Keep reading to find out what kinds of tortillas Chipotle uses and if they are any good.

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Kinds of Tortillas Used By Chipotle

Chipotle uses corn tortillas to make its fresh chips for its side dishes, while flour tortillas are used for burritos. Chipotle is known for having delicious and healthy tortillas, though the flour tortillas are not considered to be traditional Mexican cuisine.

Chipotle tortilla

The corn tortillas are what make Chipotle’s delicious and widely popular chips. These are usually bought or come as a side, along with an option of dipping condiments, such as salsa, guacamole, or queso dip.

The flour tortillas are used to create Chipotle’s popular burritos, they are exceptionally stretchy and perfect for filling to the brim. Many people are amazed at just how much filling can fit into a Chipotle tortilla.

These are the only two kinds of tortillas that Chipotle uses in all of its restaurant locations. They are featured in several different menu items across Chipotle restaurants and make up a big part of what foods it offers.

After all, you cannot have Mexican food without having tortillas as well.

Where Does Chipotle Get Their Tortillas?

Chipotle works alongside several partner tortilla manufacturers in order to be supplied with its tortillas. Though Chipotle’s all-natural tortilla is made specifically for Chipotle and no other

Tortillas on table company or restaurant.

This means that other than the all-natural tortilla, the tortillas at Chipotle can most likely be found elsewhere. Many other restaurants may serve them, or they may be sold in grocery stores.

The flour tortillas at Chipotle are made of simple and healthy ingredients. This includes ingredients, such as water, oil, salt, yeast, and whole wheat flour.

The corn tortillas are a basic corn tortillas made of water and corn masa only. This is a traditional type of tortilla, whereas the flour tortilla is a more American take on the food item.

Both tortilla options are made specifically by tortilla manufacturers. While the corn tortilla is most likely available at any location that carries or serves tortillas, the flour tortilla can only be found at Chipotle.

The corn tortillas are usually served with tacos as the shell, or they are deep-fried to be made into chips that are served as a side at Chipotle.

Chipotle Tortillas Are Not Made Fresh

Chipotle does not make its own tortillas fresh in the restaurant. This is because it buys them from tortilla manufacturers that it partners with to get its ingredients.

So the tortillas served at Chipotle are neither handmade or served fresh as they are bought from a third-party provider.

Though Chipotle orders them fresh and serves them while they are still in their freshest state. It does not have freezers, so none of the tortillas are frozen to be served later on.

This is one of Chipotle’s ingredients that is not served entirely fresh as it typically makes all of its own menu items. This is one of the few ingredients that Chipotle has to outsource to other suppliers.

Though the tortillas are not handmade in the Chipotle restaurants, they are considered to be great options nonetheless. Many people love the tortillas at Chipotle and find that they taste like they were made in the restaurant.

They are high quality and made with only the most minimal and necessary ingredients. The all-natural tortillas made specifically for Chipotle are free of colorants, preservatives, and other artificial ingredients.

Chipotle Tortillas Are Stretchy

The flour tortillas at Chipotle have a reputation for being amazingly stretchy, something that is hard to find in a tortilla. This makes them more pleasant to eat and allows them to hold more ingredients.

But why are they so stretchy, you ask? Well, this had to do with two different elements of how these flour tortillas are made.

They are made using yeast which helps the tortilla dough to rise like a yeast dough. This adds elasticity to the final tortillas that most traditional tortillas do not have.

The flour tortillas at Chipotle are also steam-cooked, which allows them to be fully saturated with moisture. This moisture and heat increase the tortilla’s ability to stretch without breaking under pressure.

This is why the flour tortillas at Chipotle are exceptionally stretchy.

Buying Chipotle Tortillas

Many customers like the tortillas at Chipotle so much that they want to buy them to eat at home. Because Chipotle tortillas are made by a manufacturer, this might actually be possible.

You can easily buy corn tortillas made of corn masa and water at most grocery stores and Mexican stores. These are very common, and all taste the same as long as they are made with those two ingredients.

The all-natural flour tortillas are only made for Chipotle, so you cannot go anywhere else to buy them. Though you could try other brands of flour tortillas that are made with the same ingredients.

You could also ask your Chipotle if they would allow you to buy extra tortillas to go. Some locations will allow this depending on who you talk to.

Soft Corn Tortillas

Chipotle does not have any soft corn tortillas on the menu, unfortunately. It only has the flour and corn tortillas, with the flour tortilla being the only soft tortilla option.

You can, however, ask to get your tacos with either a soft flour tortilla shell that is easier to eat. Or you can choose to have hard corn tortilla shells for a crunchier taco that tastes more traditional.

Many people recommend getting corn tortillas when possible, as they taste better and are gluten-free. They are also a traditional tortilla as traditional Mexican tortillas do not contain any flour and are usually only made of corn masa and water.

Flour Tortilla Is Specially Made Just for Chipotle

Chipotle works alongside tortilla manufacturers to create two delicious tortilla options to serve on its menu. This includes the all-natural flour tortilla and the corn tortilla.

The flour tortilla is specially made just for Chipotle and is not available to buy or eat anywhere else. It is made with all-natural ingredients with no preservatives or colorants.

The corn tortilla is made out of traditional ingredients, such as water and corn masa. This has the traditional taste of Mexican food and is used to make the deliciously crispy chips that Chipotle serves with salsa, queso, or guacamole.

You can also get hard corn tortillas for your tacos if you want a crunchy option. The flour tortillas can be used to make a soft taco but are more commonly used in burritos and burrito bowls.

Both options are delicious despite not being made fresh by Chipotle. They are both of high quality and add to the menu items at Chipotle.

It just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have tortillas to go with your Mexican-inspired food at Chipotle.

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