What Oil Does Wendy’s Use?

If you enjoy eating out at Wendy’s, you may be curious about what kind of oils it uses in its food. This is a very good question to ask especially if you have any kind of sensitivity or allergy to certain oils.

With many fast-food restaurants using oils to fry their foods in, it is not uncommon for customers to wonder just what they are eating. Especially since fried foods are already unhealthy no matter what oil is used.

Keep reading to find out just what kinds of oils Wendy’s uses in its foods.

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What Oil Does Wendy’s Fry in?

Wendy’s uses a variety of oils in its foods to cook and fry them in, this includes oils like palm oil, soybean oil, and corn oil. These are all healthier oils than many others and are generally considered to be the safest for most people.

Though Wendy’s does use palm oil, which is a huge concern for environmentalists, it is sustainably sourced. Wendy’s specifically makes this known as it only uses sustainably and responsibly sourced palm oil.

It also uses soybean and corn oil instead of peanut oil in order to reduce the risk of affecting those with nut allergies. This is a step that many fast-food restaurants have taken in recent years.

Because of the risk of contamination, only the best vegetable oils are used to reduce the risk of allergic reactions amongst customers. This also reduces the risk of cross-contamination in the kitchen.

Wendy’s always tries to pick the highest quality options when it comes to ingredients as well as sourcing them responsibly. You can always expect the best when you order at Wendy’s.

What Does Wendy’s Fry its Fries in?

Wendy’s typically frys its fries in pure corn oil. This neutral-tasting oil is light and has very little flavor of its own, making it perfect for frying in.

This is a better alternative to peanut oil, which is a common frying oil. There is much less chance of anyone having an allergic reaction to corn oil.

Peanut oil can be extremely dangerous to anyone with a nut allergy. It can also contaminate other foods that aren’t fried, still creating the risk of someone having an allergic reaction.

Corn oil is a safer option that works just as well and still produces a deliciously crispy and golden fry.

What Does Wendy’s Fry its Nuggets in?

What Kind of Oil Does Wendy’s Use

Wendy’s frys it chicken nuggets in soybean oil or a mixture of soybean and corn oil. These two oils are neutral tasting and still create a delicious fried nugget.

Soybean oil is another oil opinion that is much safer than peanut oil and has less risk of causing an allergic reaction. It creates just as good of an end product without the surrounding dangers.

This is the same oil that Wendy’s chicken tenders are also fried in to create that crispy breaded exterior.

What Kind of Oil Does Wendy’s Use?

Wendy’s uses oils that are all responsibly sourced and allergy-friendly, making their food safer and more sustainable. This includes oils such as soybean oil, corn oil, and sustainably sourced palm oil.

What Oil Does Wendy’s Use

These oils are all light and neutral tasting options, perfect for frying and cooking in. This still allows Wendy’s to create its signature fried foods without having to use heavy or low-quality oils.

These options are far safer than peanut oil, which has always been the most common oil for frying in restaurants. Now, most fast-food places are finding other alternatives as peanut oil is toxic to those with nut allergies.

Wendy’s typically uses corn oil for frying its fries and soybean oil for frying its nuggets and chicken tenders. Though a blend of soybean oil and corn oil is also used for frying its chicken nuggets and tenders.

This allows Wendy’s to still serve up its deliciously crispy fried foods without the risk of allergens. This also reduces the risk of any cross-contamination happening in the kitchen, which is always a concern.

These oil options are much healthier and safer than peanut oil and still produce a tasty end product. Though not necessarily healthy, these oils are light and not as fatty as other kinds of frying oils.

This is part of why Wendy’s fried foods are so popular and taste so good as they are cooked with the best ingredients.

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