When Does Nike Restock?

Nike sells some of the best athletic shoes and accessories out there. But depending on when you shop, you may not find what you want in your size.

Knowing when the brand restocks can help you plan out your shopping trips. That way, you can get some comfortable shoes to wear for your next workout.

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How Often Does Nike Restock?

Nike doesn’t restock on a set schedule, but they release items as soon as they get them. That means you’ll need to check the site frequently for your size. Sometimes, you may only need to wait a few hours or a day, but you may need to wait a week.

Another option is to contact Nike through the Nike App or Twitter messages. Someone can help you find the item and size you want.

Where to Buy Nike Shoes?

While Nike may not restock on a schedule, you can buy them from multiple places. So if one store is out of Nikes, ask other stores around you. Then, you may still be able to find a pair of shoes you want.

When Does Nike Restock

Consider the following places to look for Nike shoes so that you can get a comfortable pair.


Of course, the Nike website is an excellent place to shop for shoes. You can also shop for other clothing and accessories that Nike sells.

If you prefer to shop using your phone, the Nike app is great. It works like the website, but it may run a little bit better than in your mobile browser.

Another option is to look for a Nike retail store if you want to try on shoes in person. Whether you buy shoes in person or online, you’ll get a 60-day return policy. That way, if you realize the shoes aren’t for you, you’ll be able to take them back.

Local Shoe Stores

You may also want to go to more general shoe stores near you. Stores like Foot Locker and Dick’s Sporting Goods may have some Nike styles.

This is a nice option if you aren’t set on Nike but want to try a few shoes. You can try other brands to figure out which fits your feet the best.

Going to a store is also nice since you get to try the shoes before you buy them. Be sure to walk around the store in your Nikes to get a feel for them. Then, you can make sure you’ll be able to walk or run comfortably.

Online Shoe Stores

Many people are starting to shop for shoes online, so that’s another option. You can go to places like Amazon or even the websites of other shoe stores.

Some online stores have a broader range of sizes and styles than you can find in person. A few stores also have generous return policies. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can use Prime Wardrobe to try on a few sizes.

This is a nice option if you don’t live near any shoe stores. It’s also useful if you have a busy schedule and can’t make it to a store when it’s open.

How to Contact Nike About Stock Questions?

If you have questions about Nike stock, you can contact the company. Now, this only works if you’re shopping directly from the company. When buying from Amazon or Foot Locker, you’ll need to ask those companies about product availability.

Nike offers a couple of contact methods for you to try. That way, you can get an idea of when your ideal shoe will be in stock.

Use the Nike App

If you already use the Nike app to shop, use it to contact a Nike Expert. They can help you find the style of shoe you want in your size and color preference.

In some cases, they’ll refer you to a shoe store near you. The expert may also tell you that the shoe is out of stock everywhere. If they know, they may be able to tell you when it will come back in stock and where.

Employees are available to help between 7 am and 2 am US Eastern Time. They work every day, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long for a reply.

Follow Nike on Twitter

Another option is to use Twitter to contact Nike. You can follow the @Nikestore account or send them a direct message with your question.

Just like when using the app, they may ask what size, color, and style you want. Give them that information and wait for them to help you find the shoe.

The operating hours are the same as for the app, so you can’t get help all of the time. But it shouldn’t take more than a few hours for someone to get back to you.

Download the SNKRS App

The SNKRS app isn’t technically a way to contact Nike directly. However, it’s a useful tool to learn about new shoe releases.

If you know you’ll want an upcoming style, you can reserve select sneakers ahead of time. You can also view the calendar to learn more about new shoes coming out.

Then, you’ll be able to get an alert to know when you need to buy the shoe. This is particularly helpful if your shoe size is common and sells out quickly.

What If You Don’t Know Your Shoe Size?

If you don’t know what size you need, try on some Nike shoes near you. Even if they don’t have the style you want, you can still get an idea of the fit.

Another option is to consult the Nike size chart on their website. Measure your feet to help figure out what size to order if you shop online.

Nike shoes tend to run small compared to other brands. That means you may need to go up a half size or whole size. But the best way is to try the specific shoe you want to buy so that you can see what size works the best.

Why Are Shoes Always Out of Stock?

Nike shoes may always seem to be out of stock for a couple of reasons. First, you may have a popular shoe size, so Nike may sell out of that size much sooner than other sizes.

Also, if people put the shoes in their carts, it may reduce the stock on the website. So there may still be a pair or two left, but people may have claimed them. If they abandon their purchase, the stock count may go back up so that you can buy a pair.

You might also not find the shoes you want if the style or color is a common choice. That’s why it’s nice to use the SNKRS app to stay on top of releases to help you buy a pair as soon as possible.

When Do Nike Shoes Go on Sale?

Allegedly, Nike releases shoes at 10 am US Eastern Time. That’s 9 am for Central Time, 8 am for Mountain Time, and 7 am Pacific Time.

When Will Nike Restock?

Sadly, Nike doesn’t restock shoes on a schedule. However, that means they can add stock to the website or retail stores as soon as possible. You can use Twitter or the Nike app to contact the company for stock information. The SNKRS app also provides alerts of new launches to help you buy a new shoe style before it sells out.

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