When Does Target Restock Pokemon Cards?

Target is a store where you can find just about anything and everything. While it may surprise you, Pokemon cards are one of those items.

But if you want to buy some Pokemon cards, you should know when Target stocks them. That way, you can get to the store when there are plenty of cards available.

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When Will Target Restock Its Pokemon Cards?

Target doesn’t have a corporate-wide restocking schedule. Individual stores may restock the cards on their own schedules or simply when necessary. Target does limit the Pokemon products you can buy, so they don’t run out of stock as fast.

Because of that limit, they may only restock once or twice per week. A good rule, though, is to go early in the morning in case they stocked up overnight.

How to Check the Stock at Target

Since Target doesn’t have an official restocking schedule, you should consider how to check the stock at your local Target. That way, you’ll have an idea of the current stock.

When Does Target Restock Pokemon Cards

Over time, you can track stocking patterns as well. Then, you may know when to expect new cards to show up in the future.

Here are a few ways you can check the stock of Pokemon cards at Target.

Go to the Store

The most accurate option is to head to your local Target yourself. You can look for where the store keeps its stash of Pokemon cards and gear.

If you can’t find it yourself, ask one of the employees to direct you. Then, you’ll be able to look at the shelves and see if the cards you want are available.

Of course, for this to work, you’ll need to have time to go to Target when it’s open. You also need to get yourself to and from the location. But if you find what you want, you can buy the cards right away.

Check the Website

A more convenient option is to check the Target website. You can search for Pokemon cards to see what’s available now.

If the cards you want are in stock, you can choose to pick them up or order them for delivery. When cards are out of stock, you can have Target notify you when that changes.

You’ll also be able to check different stores in your area. If you live in a major city, you might have a few Target locations around you. The closest one might not have the cards you want, but you can order them from another store.

Call the Location

Since the website isn’t always the most accurate when it comes to stocking, you may want to call your local Target when it opens. This is a nice option when you have a long work day but can take a few minutes to call someone.

You can then get online and place an order for pickup or delivery. Or you can ask a friend who has time to go to that Target location for you.

They’ll be able to look for the cards and select a pack to buy. Then, you don’t have to take time off from work to get Pokemon cards.

Ways to Buy Pokemon Cards at Target

It’s one thing to check the stock of Pokemon cards at Target. However, it’s a whole other deal to actually purchase the cards.

Once you determine that the cards you want are available, you have a few options to choose from.

Shop in Person

If you have the time, the easiest option is to buy the cards in person. You can view the entire selection at your local Target.

Then, you may find they have more packs than you saw online. You’ll also have the option to ask an employee if they have more cards in the back.

But shopping in person isn’t always the best if you have a busy schedule.

Order for Pickup

Another excellent option is to order the cards for pickup from the store. Many pickup orders are ready later that day, so you can order the cards over lunch and get them on your way home.

Buying the cards this way is great if you don’t have free time for a few hours. You may have a few minutes to place the order online.

Then, you can reserve the cards and keep others from buying them instead of you. As long as you can make it to the store later, those cards will be yours.

Go With Delivery

If your local Target doesn’t have the cards you want, you may need to order them for delivery. You can enter your address and receive the cards in a few days.

If you have a Red Card, you may get free shipping with a qualifying order. Then, you won’t have to go to Target at all.

When Does Target Add More Pokemon Cards?

Target adds more Pokemon cards on various schedules. Some stores may stock them once or twice a week, while others wait until the stock is low enough. Be sure to visit your local Target to learn more about its stocking patterns.

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