When Does Salvation Army Restock?

If you want to go shopping at the Salvation Army, you probably want to know when this thrift store does its restocking. This can be important as you want to go when there are the most items to look through to find the best things.

Thrifting is a tricky business as you may not always find things that you want to buy or are looking for. This is why so many people prefer to go when the thrift shops have just restocked, giving them many options to choose from.

This is the best way to set yourself up for success if you are going thrift shopping. Keep reading to find out when the Salvation Army restocks the store with all of the newest donations.

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Salvation Army Restock Days

If you want to go thrifting, the Salvation Army is a great place to visit for some good finds. It also tends to restock throughout the week as donations are constantly coming in. By doing this, the store can stay fully stocked and in business.

salvation army restock

Most thrift stores run this way as they are getting new donations every day and are also selling things every day. Because of this, it just makes sense to continue to restock items throughout the week.

Though Salvation Army does prioritize restocking on Monday as they get the most donations over the weekend by people. This means that there is twice as much stuff to put out, so more things will be available to buy on this day.

This is the way most thrift stores or donation stores are going to work, as the weekends are busy times in several ways. Over the weekend, people are donating more as well as shopping more for thrifted goods.

This means that by Monday, these thrift stores need to restock because they are running low and have all kinds of new options to sell. So you can expect most thrift stores to run this way and mostly restock on Mondays, not just the Salvation Army.

Salvation Army Discounts

The Salvation Army is a thrift store that is regularly holding discounts throughout the store. This is just one of the many benefits of shopping at this particular thrift store, as you can find exceptionally good deals.

Because the Salvation Army has so many discounts, you can expect to see one almost every day. There is a schedule, however, so you can follow this in order to shop when the best discounts are made available:

  • Monday: Up to 25% off
  • Wednesday: 50% off of clothes and Bric-A-Brac
  • Friday: 30% off Furniture
  • First Saturday of every month: 50% off select items

These are the days when you are most likely to find the best deals. There are also other discounts that may be held at different times depending on the season and what the Salvation Army had too much of.

If you are ever confused about what kinds of deals are available, there are usually signs posted around the store. Or you could ask an employee to explain the current deals if you still don’t understand.

Best Time to Go to the Salvation Army

The best time to go to the Salvation Army is going to depend on what you are wanting. Do you want to go when the most stuff has just been set out? Do you want to go when specific items are on sale or when the biggest discounts are available?

These are questions that you should ask yourself to help you decide what days are the best for you. Mondays are generally considered the best days to go thrifting as most stuff has just been put out.

This is also when the big ticket items are easier to find, such as pieces of furniture that sell very quickly. But it is going to depend on what your goals are when you go on this shopping trip.

Because the Salvation Army does restock constantly, there will always be great things to find no matter what day of the week it is.

salvation army thrift store

Products Salvation Army Sells

If you are not extremely familiar with the Salvation Army, you may be wondering what exactly this store sells. Well, the Salvation Army is a thrift store that runs off of the donations of the community.

It is much like Goodwill and St. Vincent De Paul in how it runs off of donations. Because everything it sells is second-hand, the prices at the Salvation Army are kept very low, which is why this is such a great place to shop.

You can find just about anything at this store, whether that be furniture, clothing, bedding, craft supplies, home decor, and so much more. There is just about anything that you could want, and the options are always changing.

Restock Throughout the Week

The Salvation Army is a thrift store that tends to restock its merchandise all throughout the week as donations come in. though its biggest restock is on Monday when the weekend has brought in many new items to be sold.

This is why Monday tends to be the best day to go thrift shopping as the newest items will be set out.

This ensures that you will find something good and will have a better chance of finding specific items that you may be looking for.

Though there are a lot of other days that are great days to go shopping at the Salvation Army. Most days bring a new discount, allowing you to get even better deals.

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