When Does Shein Restock?

If you like to shop at Shein, but the items you want are out of stock, you are probably wondering when Shein restocks. This is a commonly asked question as customers are often eagerly waiting for the next restock to the online store.

Shein is a massively popular online store that sells all kinds of items at unbelievably low prices, hence its popularity. This is why it is not at all uncommon for customers to be eagerly awaiting restocks for items that have sold out.

Keep reading to find out when Shein does its restocking and to find out when new items also get added to the online store.

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When Will Shein Restock Its Merchandise?

According to Shein, the website follows a rough pattern of restocking its merchandise every one to two weeks. This can depend on multiple factors involved in restocking and the kinds of items on the website that need to be restocked.

shein restock schedule

This includes different factors, such as:

  • Seasonal items
  • Demand
  • How much inventory there is
  • When the last restock was

The good thing is that Shein is pretty good at staying on top of the demand by restocking items. It has to be as Shein is known for its frequent releases and has many items that regularly go out of stock due to the high demand.

It is absolutely necessary for Shein to restock its selections in order to keep its customers happy and satisfied with the online store. With so many items for sale, this can be quite a challenge, but Shein tries to stay on top of it.

This is why you shouldn’t lose hope if something you like goes out of stock on the Shein website. It is very likely that that item will come back into stock within two weeks or less.

Just make sure you have the item saved or added to your shopping cart so that you can easily check to see if it is back in stock. That way, you can be one of the first people to quickly buy it once it’s available again.

Does Shein Restock All Sold Out Items?

Shein often restocks items that have sold out, as this is a very frequent occurrence in the online store. Though Shein keeps a generous inventory of items, it still tends to sell out fast as it has so many dedicated shoppers.

Because of this, Shein is frequently restocking items that went out of stock, this is very common for the store. Though there are instances where these items will not be restocked once they are sold.

Shein tends to hold onto most of its merchandise for a very long time. This is why it even restocks items that don’t sell out as well. This is because Shein wants a huge amount of options for its shoppers.

That being said, Shein doesn’t restock everything as some items may be selling very badly or may not be in season. In this case, some items will be retired once they sell out and won’t be coming back.

Items that are not up to date with the latest trends or styles may also not be restocked because they are no longer in demand. This will depend completely on the item and why it is out of stock.

When Are New Items Released to Shein?

Shein is one of the only online stores that has managed to do daily releases of new products. The majority of these releases are clothing and fashion pieces, but Shein also covers categories across the board.

This can result in hundreds if not thousands of releases daily and weekly at a minimum. This is quite a lot being put out, which is why there are so many options on Shein.

This is also why Shein is forced to retire certain items that just aren’t worth being restocked. Otherwise, it would create a stock that is so large it would be impossible to stay on top of it.

Aside from managing daily releases of new items, Shein also releases new items when it restocks items that have sold out. So when you go to buy that newly stocked shirt, you may also find a few other items to try.

shein website out of stock

Why Is Shein Always Out of Stock?

If you are a frequent shopper of Shein, you may have noticed that things seem to always be out of stock. This is frustrating to many shoppers who want to be able to order specific items.

The reality is that Shein only orders about 100 pieces of each item that is added to the store. While this is a good number, it is not good for Shein specifically as Shein gets so many customers.

Because of this, Shein frequently sells out and has to scramble to replenish its inventory so that it can restock the store. This results in very frequent sell-outs on dozens of items on the Shein online platform.

When Is the Shein Website Restocked?

Shein has a system of restocking its website every one to two weeks, depending on what is needed. This helps the store to stay fully stocked and stay on top of its thousands of merchandise options.

Because Shein is so popular, it still manages to sell out fast and has to keep up by restocking. This also has to do with the inventory number that it keeps, which is not ideal for such a large online store.

The good thing for Shein customers is that most items do end up getting restocked, only in certain instances do they leave the store for good.

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