Where to Park U-Haul Overnight?

If you have your u-haul truck overnight, you may be wondering where you can park it legally without getting into trouble. You may also be wondering where the safest place to park a u-haul overnight is.

These are important questions to consider if you are going to have a u-haul overnight. Especially if you will have to find a location to park it for the night as you are traveling to your destination.

Keep reading to find out where you can park a u-haul truck overnight.

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Where Can You Park a U-haul Overnight?

You can park your u-haul overnight in the parking lots of hotels, casinos, shopping malls, gas stations, certain grocery stores, and some business parking lots. You generally have a lot of options when you need to park a u-haul overnight.

You can generally park almost anywhere as long as you do not see any signs that state otherwise. If you are parking in a business’s parking lot, it is important to look for any of these signs.

Many private businesses only allow customers or employees to park in the parking lot, so it is best to stick to big businesses. Parking in the parking lot of chain stores like Walmart is the best option as this is always allowed.

It is always better to park your u-haul overnight in a parking lot rather than on the side of the road. This may not be allowed for one thing, but parking lots are also a bit safer.

Can You Park a U-haul on The Street Overnight?

In most areas, you can park a u-haul on the street overnight as long as it is not left there for several days. Though this will vary quite a bit according to the location and the laws of that city.

Most of the time, vehicles that exceed 22 feet cannot be parked on the street if it is a residential area. Generally, most residential areas do not allow street parking, especially if it is a large vehicle like a u-haul.

You may be able to get away with this in an area that is not residential, but street parking may be limited to certain businesses. You will want to carefully look for any signs or parking meters in the area.

Overall, it is just a better option to find a parking lot to park in overnight as this is simpler and safer. It is hard to find out what areas allow overnight parking on the street and it can make your u-haul more vulnerable to theft.

Parking illegally also creates the risk of getting a ticket or even having your u-haul towed away.

Can You Keep a U-haul Overnight?

Where Are You Allowed to Park a U-haul Overnight

You can keep a u-haul overnight as long as you are not exceeding your contract. This is perfectly fine if you are supposed to have that u-haul for a period of days or even weeks.

If you have rented that u-haul for more than a day, it is your responsibility to take care of it at night. This means you will have to find a place to park it safely overnight and adhere to any laws associated with that.

The only time keeping a u-haul overnight becomes an issue is if you are exceeding your contract. You cannot do this if you have only agreed to keep that u-haul for a few hours or 24 hours.

If you end up keeping it overnight, you are going over your contract and will be fined for extra days. If you do not return the u-haul within three days, U-Haul has the right to report the u-haul as being stolen.

So make sure you return it at the time that you agreed upon or call if you are unable to do so.

How Do You Keep a U-haul Safe Overnight?

Besides finding a good overnight parking spot for your u-haul, you also want to think of security. It is no secret that moving trucks such as u-hauls tend to stick out and draw attention.

This attention can sometimes come from people looking for an easy target to break into or steal altogether. That is why it is important to find a safe and secure parking spot when parking your u-haul overnight.

There are also a few extra things that you can do to help keep your u-haul safe overnight. These aren’t foolproof options, but they can certainly help to better protect your u-haul overnight.

Park in a Good Area

It is important when parking your u-haul at night to park it in a good area that looks safe. You should always park your u-haul in a well-lit area where it can be plainly seen.

Try to pick good neighborhoods as well in a parking lot that is relatively empty and clean looking. If there are people hanging out in the area, it may be best to park your u-haul somewhere else.

Park Near Other Vehicles

Parking by other vehicles is a good way to protect your u-haul further and block it in. You can have the same effect by parking next to a wall or in an isolated and tight corner.

This can add an extra layer of security and make the u-haul much harder to steal. Just parking it this way could be enough to deter any auto thieves looking for an easy target.

Get Safety Features

It is also a great idea to get extra safety features to further protect the u-haul. Some great options include a portable car alarm or a steering wheel block.

These are great options for securing your u-haul and can add a much-needed amount of security. This is very important as large moving trucks like u-hauls are great targets and ted to stick out.

Where Are You Allowed to Park a U-haul Overnight?

Where to Park U-Haul Overnight

You can park a u-haul overnight in most parking lots that are available. This includes grocery store parking lots, gas stations, truck stops, and certain parking lots of businesses.

There are generally a lot of parking options no matter where you are, as many parking lots are open to anyone that needs them. This is a much better option than trying to find out where you can park on the street legally.

Not only is parking on the street more difficult, but it can be riskier and attract the attention of thieves. It is also easy to do this illegally without knowing it, which could result in a ticket or your u-haul being towed.

You should try to find a roomy parking lot that has good lighting to deter thieves. You could also park next to a wall or around other vehicles to lower the risk of auto thieves trying to steal it overnight.

If you have to park your u-haul overnight, it is a good idea to take extra safety precautions. Such as getting a portable car alarm or a steering wheel lock for extra security for overnight parking.

U-hauls stick out and make for an easy target at nighttime when it is left unattended. That is why you want to take extra precautions to ensure that your u-haul is safe from thieves.

Finding a safe parking spot is a great way to do this and can guarantee that your u-haul will stay safe and untouched overnight.

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