Wendy’s 50 Piece Nuggets

If you want to order a large number of chicken nuggets, you may be wondering if Wendy’s still offers its special 50-piece box.

This is a good question as some Wendy’s locations offered a huge amount of nuggets for $10.

This is a huge steal if you are feeding a group of people, a family, or just really love nuggets and don’t mind leftovers. Deals like this give you the perfect option to really splurge on this tasty menu item.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Wendy’s still offers the 50-piece nuggets.

About Wendy’s 50-Piece Nuggets

50 Nuggets Statistics
Calories 2125
Saturated Fats 25g
Cholesterol 437mg
Protein 112g

The 50-piece nuggets at Wendy’s is a special offer that includes 50 nuggets for $9.99. This is an absolute steal considering buying 50 nuggets normally would cost around $25.

Wendy’s 50 Piece Nuggets

With this deal, you are getting each nugget for well under a dollar and can feed either a large group of people or a large family. This is why this deal is also called the family size of nuggets.

Though this is not something that is offered in every Wendy’s location, many still carry this special deal. It isn’t often on the menu, but you can ask for either the 50 nuggets for $10 or the family size.

If your Wendy’s location still serves the 50-piece nuggets, they will understand what you mean. Make sure you specify what you are ordering, and don’t end up accidentally ordering five boxes of 10-piece nuggets.

This is just one of the many special deals that Wendy’s offers as it is well known for its deals and promotional offers. This is just part of why Wendy’s is so popular and has a massive following of fans.

There are many other deals that you can enjoy at Wendy’s, depending on what you are craving.

Nuggets for $10

Though the Wendy’s 50-piece nuggets are not always available on the menu, when they are available to buy, they are $9.99.

During certain promotion periods, Wendy’s will often bring back the 50-piece nuggets at this cheap price or some locations offer it year round.

This is not a regular menu item, and it does not become available very frequently. Though there is the chance that some Wendy’s locations may offer this while others don’t. They may also call it Wendy’s family size nuggets.


Some Wendy’s customers have year-round access to this special deal, while others don’t. Like many things with Wendy’s, it really depends on your Wendy’s location and what it offers on the menu.

It may not be an official option that you can pick from the menu, but you still may be able to order the 50-piece nuggets if you ask. Some Wendy’s items may not be on the menu but are still technically available to buy.

This is a huge deal since buying five 10-piece boxes of Wendy’s nuggets would typically cost you around $25. This makes each nugget in a 50-piece box less than $0.50 a piece.

Number of Nuggets in Wendy’s Family Size

The 50-piece nuggets box at Wendy’s also goes by the name of a family-size order of nuggets. Many places will know exactly what you mean if you just ask for a family-size order of nuggets.

What are Wendy's 50-Piece Nuggets

This is because the 50-piece box of nuggets was marketed as a great family option. This was an obvious decision as this was the perfect menu item for a family that wanted plenty of nuggets to go around.

Wendy’s family-sized nuggets will not typically be on the menu, but you can always ask if they have them. That or you can ask for a 50-piece box of nuggets for $10.

You will want to make sure to specify what you are ordering so that they do not charge you for five boxes of 10 nuggets. This is much more expensive and will not be the $10 option.

Some people call it the Wendy’s family size nuggets.

Wendy’s offers a variety of nugget count options to help you get what you want. This is a great option if you are eating alone and do not want to waste any uneaten food.

Wendy’s normal nuggets count options include a 6-piece, 8-piece, 10-piece, and 20-piece nugget set. This gives you plenty of options to decide what works best for your dining needs.

Get the 50 Nuggets If You Can

Unfortunately, some Wendy’s locations discontinued their 50 piece nuggets. They discontinued it because of chicken shortage. They still have the 10 piece nuggets which cost $1.19 and they have the 20 piece nuggets which cost $3.39.

If your Wendy’s location does not offer the 50 nuggets menu anymore, then the only option is to get one of the smaller menus.

Wrapping Up

The nuggets from Wendy’s are good. They are crispy and delicious. They are not soggy. They are not totally dry either. They are just perfect. And the size is just right. They are neither too small nor too big. They are just right. I like that.

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