Why Am I Not Getting Shipt Orders?

The amount a Shipt Shopper can earn is dependent on several factors, including how many orders they receive during a shift. There are several different things to keep in mind when considering order volume.

So, why aren’t you receiving orders on Shipt, and what should you keep in mind? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Not Receiving Shipt Orders

You might not be receiving as many Shipt orders for several different reasons. Low shopper ratings and poor-delivery times can impact how often you receive orders. You might receive fewer orders due to a high volume of shoppers or a decrease in customer orders.

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Common Reasons You Aren’t Receiving Orders on Shipt

There are several different reasons you might not receive orders on Shipt or why you’re receiving a lower volume of orders. Some reasons can include:

  • You’re not active during busy hours
  • You’re shopper rating is too low
  • Your acceptance rate is too low
  • You’re not in a high-volume area
  • There are a high amount of Shoppers online

1. You’re Not Active During Busy Hours

You’re less likely to receive a high amount of orders if you’re not working during busy hours and peak times. Peak hours will vary depending on your location and market. However, common time frames are early mornings, late-night, and weekends. Figuring out your area and working during busy time frames might increase the number of orders you receive.

2. You’re Shopper Rating Is Too Low

If your shopper rating is too low, you’re unlikely to receive as many orders and might be subject to temporary deactivation. Your shopper rating is based on customer feedback and other statistics, so it’s essential to be on your game. Ensure you’re delivering orders on time and providing the best customer service you’re capable of.

3. You’re Acceptance Rate Is Too Low

Your acceptance rate will impact how many orders you receive as well. You might not receive as many orders if you’re frequently declining deliveries and have a low acceptance rate. Ensure you’re accepting every order that you’re capable of handling and only work when you can accept orders. A low acceptance rating can also result in temporary or permanent account deactivation in some cases.

4. You’re Not in a High Volume Area

Locations with fewer Shipt customers and populations won’t receive as many Shipt orders. Low-demand areas like rural cities or small towns will result in fewer orders compared to high-demand urban environments. You’ll have to determine if your area is busy or slow and whether it’s worth working there.

There Is a High Amount of Shoppers Online

In some cases, you might not receive orders or as many orders because there’s a high amount of shoppers online. Higher Shipt Shoppers working creates more competition and fewer orders to go around. It might be best to consider different timeframes or locations with less competition if your order volume is incredibly low.

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Receiving More Shipt Orders

You’ll find several different articles, informative pieces, and resources on Shipt’s official website about expanding your operations and increasing your earnings. However, one of the most important factors is to keep your shopper rating and acceptance rate as high as possible.

Bad reviews from customers and declining large quantities of orders will negatively impact your account and reduce your chances of receiving orders. In some cases, low shopper rating and acceptance rates can lead to account deactivation.

It’s also important to work in areas where customers are placing orders. You don’t want to work in low-volume cities or zones. On the flip side, you might want to avoid driving during times when there’s a lot of competition from other shoppers. You’ll need to find a balance in your area and circumstance.

The best way to receive more orders will highly depend on your area and circumstances. However, Sundays are typically busier than most days of the week, and you might want to start there.

How Does Shipt Decide Who Receives an Order?

Shipt has a unique ordering process and prioritization system compared to other delivery apps like DoorDash or Uber Eats. Knowing how the ordering process works will help you receive more orders and earn a higher wage.

Nearby drivers in the location are matched with a delivery window and zone when a customer places a grocery order. The Shipt platform applies various filters to drivers, zones, and areas to select the best-suited option. The best-suited courier receives the order first.

The Shipt filtering process covers aspects like shopper ratings, previous histories, acceptance time, and more. For example, you might not receive as many orders if you accept deliveries too late, turn them down too often, or have a lower rating. That’s why it’s essential to stay on top of your A-game when delivering for Shipt. For more information, you can visit the official Shipt website.

No Shipt Orders – The Conclusion

You might not be receiving as many Shipt orders for several different reasons. Some of the primary reasons are low shopper ratings, poor-delivery times, and low acceptance rates. Locations with less customer demand and higher shopper competition can also decrease the number of orders you receive.

The best way to receive more orders will vary depending on your situation. But keeping your shopper rating and acceptance rate high are excellent places to start. You might also want to consider finding timeframes that aren’t too busy or slow to avoid competition.

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