Will KFC Bring Back Potato Wedges?

If you love KFC, you may be wondering if KFC has any intentions of bringing the potato wedges back to its menu. This is a very common question as many people loved the KFC potato wedges and hated to see them go for good.

Especially as it was such a sudden change for the restaurant to make when the wedges were a popular menu item. Despite the wedges being gone for a few years, KFC fans are still trying to bring them back to the menu.

Keep reading to find out whether or not KFC is going to bring its potato wedges back to its permanent menu.

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Will The KFC Potato Wedges be Back?

As far as we know, KFC has no intentions of bringing back its iconic potato wedges that so many fans enjoyed. In the last few years, KFC made a big change by removing this option and replacing it with fries instead.

This change was met with a huge amount of criticism as so many fans absolutely hated the decision to boot the wedges for fries. Many said that the wedges were unique, while fries were such a basic fast food option.

KFC never really gave a clear statement as to why it made this big step on its menu. Its wedges were doing spectacularly, making it odd to simply toss them from the menu to replace them with a new option.

Despite the instantaneous backlash, KFC held its ground and released its special fries. And despite having some success with this new menu item, many fans are still demanding that the potato wedges be brought back.

Despite multiple petitions, the fries seem to be here to stay, and the wedges still haven’t been brought back to the menu.

Why Were the KFC Potato Wedges Discontinued?

One thing that has bothered KFC fans is that it never really gave a reason for discontinuing its potato wedges. It simply removed them and replaced them with a variety of fries using a KFC special recipe.

Will KFC Bring Back Potato Wedges

Though fries tend to be people pleasers, people were not impressed and wanted the wedges to come back. Especially since so many restaurants sell fries, but so few offer potato wedges.

KFC’s potato wedge recipe was beloved, and many fans routinely picked up this menu item when they stopped for food. This is why this sudden menu change came as such a disappointment for many.

The fries themselves, were met with many positives but ultimately fell flat amongst the customers who still wanted the wedges. It is a mystery to many why KFC couldn’t just add the fries to the menu without removing the wedges.

This is something that KFC has not been clear on, so it is impossible to know why that is. Ultimately, many customers have grown used to the KFC special fries, but many still find them to be a poor substitution for the wedges.

Especially if you are looking for a heartier potato option like what the potato wedges provided.

Are the KFC Fries any Good?

Despite the backlash from hungry customers who were not happy to see the KFC potato wedges go, what were the fries like? Did the KFC fries taste good, or were they your average run-of-the-mill type of fry?

These are questions that many KFC fans have asked about this newer menu item. One person who reviewed the fries described them in a few ways:

  • Crispy
  • Thick
  • Lightly herby

These were all positive comments on the taste and texture of the fries, though many have commented on the lack of salt. This could be personal preference, or it could vary from batch to batch as salt sometimes doesn’t stick to the fries very well.

Will KFC Add the Potato Wedges Back to the Menu?

As of right now, KFC has made no mention of adding the potato wedges back to its menu. This is unfortunate, but it seems as though the KFC fries are here to stay, and the wedges may be gone for good.

KFC may add the back to the menu in the future, but for right now, it doesn’t seem to have any intention of doing that. While this is disappointing, the fries are not a bad option and do have plenty of fans of their own.

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