Will Little Caesars Bring Back the Pretzel Pizza?

If you had a chance to try the pretzel pizza at Little Caesars, you may be wondering if it will come back on the menu. This has been a popular question since Little Caesars released this special pizza years ago.

It was a huge hit but was still later removed from the menu despite the huge demand for it to stay for good. This also isn’t the only Little Caesar’s item that has come to the menu only to quickly disappear, shocking fans.

prezel pizza

Keep reading to find out whether or not Little Caesars will be bringing back the delicious pretzel pizza.

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Pretzel Pizza at Little Caesars

If you want to see the pretzel pizza back on the Little Caesar’s menu, it is unclear if this is actually going to happen. Despite being released again for a short period, this pizza is not yet back on the menu for good.

This comes as a disappointment as fans nationwide are still demanding that the pizza be brought back. It was a huge hit when it was released several years ago, and fans still want to see it permanently on the menu.

This is just one of the many items that were only released as a limited-time item at Little Caesars, including other options like:

  • Thin crust pizzas
  • Crazy bread
  • Batman calzone

These Little Caesar options have also been limited-time menu items that have not stuck around for long. Amongst all of its options, the pretzel pizza has stayed in fans minds, resulting in many petitions.

Despite all of this, it is still unclear if Little Caesar will bring the pretzel pizza to the menu again or not.

Reasons Why Little Caesars Discontinued Pretzel Pizza

The Little Caesar’s pretzel pizza was never officially discontinued because it never became a permanent part of the menu. This is due to the fact that Little Caesars never meant for this pizza to be on the menu indefinitely.

Will Little Caesars Bring Back the Pretzel Pizza

  • The pretzel pizza was released in 2014 between September and October for a limited time. As that name suggests, this was only ever meant to be a limited-time menu option.
  • Like many restaurants, Little Caesars keeps its fans engaged by releasing all kinds of new options for a limited time.

They are never actually meant to stick around on the menu for long.

This is why the pretzel pizza was ultimately removed from the menu, as it was only a limited-time option. It was never meant to become a part of the menu as it was a specialty pizza.

About Pretzel Pizza

The pretzel pizza at Little Caesars was no genius invention, though it did hit the spot just right for Little Caesars fans. It was a pizza that had a pretzel crust to give it a unique and delicious twist to other pizzas on the menu.

This pizza was drenched in a sharp cheddar sauce that was very prominent and flavorful. There was also the traditional pepperoni on the top, giving this pizza its meaty edge.

The real start of the show, however, was the pretzel crust that was thick and soft. It was generously dotted with coarse salt and really elevated the entire pizza, making it very unique in flavor and texture.

Many people compared it to how a fresh pretzel tastes when you dip it in cheese sauce. It was salty, soft, and flavorful all in a single bite, which is why Little Caesars fans ultimately fell head over heels for this menu option.

Comeback of the Pretzel Pizza

As of right now, Little Caesars has yet to give any statements about releasing the pretzel pizza again. Whether that be for a limited time like last time or for it to be added to the menu permanently.

This is unfortunate for Little Caesar’s fans, as many have eagerly asked to have this option added back to the menu. Despite that, Little Caesars has still not done it for one reason or another.

Though there is always hope that Little Caesars may change its minds in the future and re-release this pizza back into its restaurants. Either as another special option for a limited time or as a new menu item that is there to stay.

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