4.5 DoorDash Rating

DoorDash and similar delivery apps have provided drivers with an easy and accessible way to make money. Unfortunately, these apps are prone to flawed customer rating systems, resulting in frustration and confusion.

Some dashers are facing challenges maintaining a high customer rating. Although these delivery drivers feel they’re doing everything right, their scores still seem to suffer. So, what can you do about your DoorDash customer rating?

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Is a 4.5 DoorDash Rating Too Low?

DoorDash requires a minimum customer rating of 4.2 and may or may not deactivate dashers that go below this threshold. A 4.5 DoorDash rating is considered acceptable for most drivers, albeit slightly low. If your DoorDash customer rating is hovering around 4.5, you should act fast to improve it.

What Is a Good DoorDash Rating?

A “good” DoorDash customer rating hovers around 4.8 to a perfect 5.0. Here’s a quick guide you can refer to when judging your customer rating:

  • 0: A
  • 7: B
  • 6: C
  • 3: F

The DoorDash Rating System Is Flawed

4.5 DoorDash Rating_

Unfortunately, the DoorDash rating system is inherently flawed. When you think about it, a 4 out of 5 customer rating results in 80%. In most grading systems, a score of 80% is acceptable. DoorDash expects the best out of their drivers and considers anything below a 5.0 nearly unacceptable.

How Can I Improve My DoorDash Rating?

Although DoorDash and similar app customer rating systems are inherently flawed, there are ways you can increase your rating.

On-Time Deliveries

Ensuring you’re delivering orders on time is one way to increase your customer rating. If a customer receives their order late, they’re more likely to leave a lower score. On-time deliveries will nearly always yield a 5.0 rating.

This is why it’s important to manage your time and choose orders carefully. You run the risk of late deliveries if you stack too many orders or use multiple apps. However, not every order can be delivered on time.

Some deliveries are expected to be delivered within 5-10 minutes of picking them up. When you factor in traffic, wait times, and other variables, meeting these times is highly unlikely.

Hot and Fresh Food

Another way you can ensure you’re receiving quality customer ratings is by delivering hot and fresh food. Some deliveries can take upwards of 30 minutes to arrive after you leave the restaurant. Because of this, you should be using your DoorDash Hot Bag or other delivery equipment.

No Errors

Another way you can maintain a high customer rating is by avoiding errors and mishaps. When you pick up an order from a restaurant, be sure to double-check all the items are in place and accounted for.

If you’re at a restaurant where you have to manually place the order, be sure to read through the instructions carefully. You can also consider contacting the customer directly. This ensures you’re getting accurate information and shows the customer you care.

Be Kind, Courteous, and Pleasant

4.5 DoorDash Rating

Food delivery services are still within the service industry. When people order food or go to a restaurant, they expect pleasant service with a smile. When you drop off an order, be kind, courteous, and pleasant. Nobody wants to receive their order from someone in a bad mood.

You should also put in a bit of effort to maintain your physical appearance and hygiene. Although DoorDash doesn’t have strict dress requirements, doing so is sure to improve your customer rating.

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Is a 4.5 Customer Rating Acceptable?

Unfortunately, a 4.5 customer rating on DoorDash is not that great. Although this score is unlikely to result in your account getting deactivated, you may be a bit too close for comfort. A good DoorDash customer rating is anywhere from 4.8 to 5.0. If your customer rating is hovering around a 4.5, you should act fast to improve it.

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  1. I have a 4.92 rating
    I was given a 2 star rating because i was at an appt with no numbers. And a 3 for missing items in a sealed bag
    Very unfair

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