How to Use GameStop Points?

If you are new to GameStop, you may be wondering what GameStop points are and how you can use them. This is useful to know if you plan on shopping at GameStop and would like to take advantage of a deal or two.

GameStop is a very popular store and offers a wide variety of merchandise that you can buy. To find out how you can use GameStop points to save money at GameStop, keep reading to find out.

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How Do You Use GameStop Points?

To take advantage of your GameStop points, you will need to log into your GameStop account to access them. From there, click the Powerup Rewards tab, then click on the Rewards Center. You will be redirected where you will want to click Digital Currency.

Once you do that, you will be taken to where your GameStop points are being stored. Keep in mind that you may have to access these points differently on different electronic devices, this is for a desktop.

You should be able to clearly see how many points you have which can be turned into real cash. As a scale, 5,500 points equals $5, while 11,000 points equals $10.

These points can be used to get cash off of your next GameStop purchase as a kind of discount. These points can be used to buy all kinds of games, electronics, and other things that you may want to buy.

You can earn these points by spending money at GameStop, the more money you spend, the more points you get. You can also get points by trading into GameStop, particip[ating in surveys, getting memberships, and so much more.

How to Redeem GameStop Points in The Store?

If you want to go shopping in a GameStop store, you can still use your points. These points aren’t just limited to online purchases but can be applied to in-store purchases as well.

All you will need to do is give the GameStop employee your Powerup Rewards information. This includes your phone number and membership information to identify you with.

You can also show the code that is found in your Powerup Rewards account as confirmation of who you are. Either option will work and will show the employee your points.

Then, your GameStop points can be applied to your purchase, taking a few dollars off depending on the number of points that you have. And the great thing is that this purchase will just go back to earning you more points.

The more you buy at GameStop, the more points you earn, which can help you to get a discount next time.

How to Redeem GameStop Points Online?

How to Use GameStop Points

To redeem your GameStop points on the GameStop website, you can easily do so by entering the necessary information. You will need to activate your reward certificate in the online store by presenting the certificate and your ID.

Then you will need to enter the code from your activated certificate when you are in the process of checking out. This will add your points to your purchase, taking off money.

This is a great way to take advantage of these points, all while earning more as you make another purchase. They don’t take off much generally, but they can make it easier to buy something that you have been looking at.

What Are GameStop Lifetime Points?

Lifetime points can be very confusing if you aren’t entirely familiar with how GameStop points works. They can be very deceptive and make you think that you have thousands of points ready to be used.

Lifetime points are the entire amount of points that you have earned from GameStop. They are not your current points that you can use, they are your past points.

GameStop just uses this to show you how many points you have accumulated over all of your GameStop purchases. They hold no value anymore as they either expired or were used to get a discount on a purchase.

This is just a way to track all of the points that you have ever earned, they can no longer be used.

How Can You Use GameStop Points?

You can use your GameStop points in-store or online, depending on how you are shopping. You can do this by providing your ID, certificate, and code information.

Doing this will allow you to access those points and use them as cash when you are making a new purchase. It is a great way to save a dollar or two each time you buy from GameStop.

5,500 points equals $5, while 11,000 points comes to $10. This doesn’t add up much, but it can help to save you a little money along the way. The best thing is that every time you buy something, you earn points.

So, the more you buy from GameStop, the more points you will collectively earn. Once you have enough of these points, they can be used to buy things from the GameStop store or online website.

You can also earn GameStop points by trading in items to GameStop, becoming a member, or taking surveys, just to name a few ways. There are many things that you can do to earn more points that can be used as cash later on.

This makes for a great incentive to do more on GameStop since you can earn points the more you do. This can add up and help to save you some money on your GameStop purchases in the future.

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