Does Planet Fitness Have Tanning Beds?

If you are thinking of becoming a member at Planet Fitness, you may be wondering if there are tanning beds there. This can be a huge benefit as it allows you to workout and get a tan all in one place with a single membership.

This is not only convenient but budget-friendly as you are able to have access to different things all in one location for one fee. To find out whether or not Planet Fitness offers the use of tanning beds, keep reading for more information.

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Are There Tanning Beds at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness has tanning beds available to its customers as well as tanning booths where you can get an instant spray tan. These are one of the many luxuries that Planet Fitness offers that sets it apart from other gyms.

These tanning beds are considered to be of good quality and provide everything that a normal tanning bed offers. They provide a quick and easy way for gym-goers to get a tan as well as get their daily workout in.

This removes the need to go to a tanning shop as well as the gym as you have both options handily available in open places. This is just one of the things that sets Planet Fitness apart from other gyms as it offers many other things.

People don’t just go to Planet Fitness to workout, they go for the experience. This allows you to do all kinds of things in one location and with a single membership.

Tanning beds are just one of the many luxuries that Planet Fitness offers, as there are also tanning booths, massage chairs, and hydromassage.

Can Anyone Use Planet Fitness Tanning Beds?

In order to have access to the tanning beds at Planet Fitness, you must be a black card member. This is the only way that you can have access to the luxury options like tanning and massage.

This is the catch when it comes to Planet Fitness as not just anyone gets access to its special options. You can’t just be a member and get access to things like tanning beds and spray tanning.

You have to pay for a black card membership in order to use these specialty options. You also cannot take a guest to enjoy these options as they are only allowed to use the gym area.

Tanning, massage, and all other luxury options are completely limited to black card members only.

Are Planet Fitness Tanning Beds Private?

Does Planet Fitness Have Tanning Beds

Planet Fitness tanning beds are available for the amount of time that your location is open, which is typically 24 hours. They are also left unwatched by staff so that you have privacy and can use them in peace.

Just keep in mind that you may be around other gym-goers who are also using the tanning beds, so you will not be entirely alone. This means that you will want to be conscious of what you wear when tanning as others may see you.

If you do not know how to use the tanning beds, you can always go and find a Planet Fitness employee to ask for help. Though these beds are very easy to operate and are safe as long as you use them correctly.

Always ask an employee if you are unsure or nervous about using one.

Are Planet Fitness Tanning Beds Worth It?

Planet Fitness tanning beds are great to use if you want to look a little more tan after your workout. They are equipped with all of the important safety features and operate like any other tanning bed.

They are definitely worth it if you want to have access to both tanning and working out at the gym. This reduces the memberships and payments that you will have as well as allows you to do both at one location.

The black card membership is still priced very reasonably, considering you have many perks that other members don’t have. This can save you money in the long run if you enjoy tanning and working out at a gym.

If you do not plan on using any of the luxury features like the tanning beds or massage, a black card membership may not be worth it. If you just need a gym, a basic membership may be more than enough.

Does Planet Fitness Offer Tanning Beds?

Does Planet Fitness Offer Tanning Beds

Planet Fitness does offer both tanning beds and tanning booths to those who hold a black card membership. These are just some of the benefits that come with this more expensive gym membership plan.

The tanning beds at Planet Fitness are just as good as any other tanning beds and allow you to do both in one place. Here you can do your daily workout as well as get a quick tan so that you look dewy and bronzed.

You will also have access to spray tanning, hydromassage, and massage chairs, with the black card membership. You can even bring a guest with you, though they only have access to the gym area.

This can be a great perk if you like to workout as well as get tan. This way, you can do both in one place with just one monthly fee instead of two.

This can make the price of a black card membership worth it depending on the options that you want access to. This is just one of the things that sets Planet Fitness apart from other gyms.

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