Can Dashers See Your Review

Can Dashers See Your Review

If you use DoorDash to get your food delivered, you may have wondered if your driver could see your rating.

It can make customers uncomfortable sometimes if they know the person will see their rating. Leading them to not leave a rating at all or to leave an unhelpful one.

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Rating DoorDash Drivers

The DoorDash policy states that a DoorDasher can’t see their ratings. They do not have access to see any individual ratings.

Rather, they can see their overall score and rating, but nothing specific or from a specific customer.

DoorDash deliverers can check their overall customer rating whenever they like. But they do not have the access to see what an individual customer has rated.

The one loophole is that a deliverer might be able to guess how you rated them. They could do this by checking their score after each delivery.

However, their rating changes can give them an idea if you rated them in a positive or negative way. This, of course, would just be guess work though.

The good thing is that most drivers are far too busy to try to hunt down who rated them in what way. Most will not pay such close attention to their ratings as they are too busy working.

Customers Who Left A Rating

As a DoorDash driver, they do not have access to information about who is behind their ratings. They only have access to see their total rating altogether.

This hides your identity and how you rated their service. Allowing you as the customer to rate them with all honesty.

Your rating will be added to their overall performance score, whether it be positive or negative. You do not have to worry about them seeing your personal opinion.

Dashers Rating  Customers

DoorDashers cannot rate any customers. They do not have the option to provide their opinion on them.

Instead, they have the option to leave feedback about the delivery. But this cannot include any information about the individual customer. It only covers details about the process of the delivery itself.

This, of course, could eventually change as it would prove useful to DoorDashers to know more about the customers. It might even benefit the customers who are good-natured.

But you can rest easy knowing that the drivers do not know any information about you. As none of your previous deliverers could have left any feedback. Positive or negative.

Effects of Ratings on Dashers

Ratings can be a very big deal to DoorDash deliveries as it could mean the difference between plenty of work. Or even being removed from the job.

If a DoorDashers rating dips too low, no matter the reason. They could be deactivated, meaning that they would no longer be allowed to take on delivery jobs.

DoorDash uses this rating system as a way to keep an eye on their deliverers. Because they focus so much on high-quality service, this is how they stay on top of that.

Because this is how ratings work, a deliverer’s score isn’t really about getting orders. Rather, it is about showing DoorDash that you are a valuable deliverer.

If a DoorDashers rating dips below 4.2, they could be removed from the app. Completely taking away their chances of getting doorDash orders.

A higher rating can also mean bigger tips, which is a huge bonus for most drivers.

A DoorDashers rating is dependent on several different factors. Such as on time/early, completion rate, and acceptance rate.

This helps DoorDash to identify problem areas that a DoorDasher may have.

Dasher Payments Not Affected

Customer ratings will not directly affect a deliverer’s pay. Though a highly rated DoorDasher could get the opportunity to have higher tips.

If you have a relatively lower DoorDash rating, it could affect your ability to become a top dasher. This is a program that allows deliverers to have special privileges.

Such as not needing to schedule their hours ahead of time, making their schedule more flexible. They also have the top pick of orders and will be given orders above the average DoorDash deliverer.

This is the biggest way that ratings will affect deliverers. As they must maintain a specific rating in order to qualify for this top dasher program.

The other way that ratings affect deliverers is that it could remove them from the platform as well. Which can be an imminent threat to those who use DoorDash as their primary income.

Don’t Worry About Leaving Honest Reviews

Personal ratings are not visible to Dashers as they can only see their overall score. This protects your identity and keeps your opinion private.

Allowing you, to honestly rate your experience with a particular driver. Without them being able to identify what customer left what rating.

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