Does DoorDash Knock on Your Door?

Does DoorDash Knock on Your Door?

If you are planning on using DoorDash to get a food delivery to your home. You may be curious if they will knock or not.

This can be an important thing to know if you are waiting for your order. Some people do not like others to knock on their door. Or you may be worried about not knowing when you’ve gotten your delivery.

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Will DoorDash Knock on Your Door?

DoorDash deliverers are not necessarily required to knock on your door. Most will because that is the most obvious way to let you know that your food has arrived.

But you can always request that there be no knocking when you order your delivery in the app.

One effective way that will prevent a DoorDasher from knocking on your door is to choose no-contact delivery. This is the best way to guarantee that they will just leave your order by the door.

You can choose this option when ordering your delivery. It will be a very obvious option that you can choose, before placing your order.

You could even add more details, such as where to place your order when it arrives.

What is No-Contact Delivery?

No-contact delivery is an option that you can choose when finishing up your DoorDash order. It is an option that limits your contact with the driver.

This means that they will drop off your package at your door or specified location without bothering you.

The one thing to keep in mind is that some DoorDashers still might knock just to alert you that your food is outside. Before leaving to make their other deliveries.

If you do not want any knocking at all. You may need to leave a note while making your order. There is always an option where you can type your request in for the driver to see.

You can use this option to let them know not to knock, as well as where you may want them to place your food.

This is the one guaranteed way to make sure that they do not knock.

Does DoorDash Text When They Arrive?

DoorDash has a basic list of communication requirements that they want their drivers to follow. This includes updating the customer about how their order is going.

This often includes sending the customer a text when they have picked up their order. As well as when they have delivered the order.

If you did not choose the no-contact delivery. The Dasher will text you as they are driving up to let you know that they are coming.

If you did choose no-contact delivery, they will text you once they have dropped off the order.

You can also expect to receive text messages from your driver if your order has been backed up in the restaurant. Or if they are running late for any reason.

This makes it quick and simple to communicate with your driver. If you forgot to add a note about knocking before you placed your order. You could even just text your request to the driver.

Will a DoorDash Deliverer Wait at the Door?

A Dasher will wait at your door after knocking if you did not specify that you wanted no-contact delivery.

They are required to do this so that they can personally make sure that you get your order. As a delivery person, this is part of the job.

The good thing is that no-contact delivery has become the new normal. Allowing you to order food without having to actually come into contact with anyone.

You will just need to remember to choose the no-contact delivery option. So that the driver knows that it is okay to just leave your order at the door.

They could not do this otherwise as they might get in trouble for abandoning your order.

With no-contact delivery, the driver will most likely already be in their car before you open the door. If you have a strong aversion to having to see anyone, you can wait a few minutes to be sure that they are gone.

Does DoorDash Knock When Delivering?

DoorDashers typically knock when they have delivered an order, but there are ways that you can prevent this.

You may not want them to knock if you have a dog that barks or if it is late at night. You can specify this preference by adding a note to your order before checking out.

You will also want to choose the option for no-contact delivery so that your driver can leave the order at the door. If you forgot to leave a note about knocking. You can personally text the driver to let them know.

These are the best ways to avoid having the deliverer knock at your door. This will allow you to simply wait for your food to arrive without having to interact with the Dasher.



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