Can You Pick Up Your Own Uber Eats Order?

There are a variety of reasons why a person may want to pick up their own Uber Eats order. A person may wonder if they can pick up their own Uber Eats order, and if so, how to do this.

We’ll explain picking up your own Uber Eats order in greater detail below.

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Can I Pick Up My Own Uber Eats Order?

Yes, it is possible to pick up your own Uber Eats order. If you want to do this, you must select pick-up, rather than delivery, on your Uber Eats app when you are placing your order. Then simply follow the instructions to pick up your own Uber Eats order.

Why Should I Pick Up My Own Uber Eats Order?

There are several reasons why you might choose to pick up your own Uber Eats order.

Sometimes, you might find that the delivery time is too long for your preference or your needs. This could be due to a shortage of delivery drivers in your area at that time. In any case, picking up your own order could shorten the amount of time until you are able to enjoy your food.

You might also choose to pick up your own Uber Eats order to save on the delivery cost and tip to the delivery driver. This would make your order cost less money overall.

Some people may also just prefer to the experience of going out to pick up their own order rather than waiting for someone to bring it to them. Although delivery is usually “contact-free,” may also prefer to have one less person handling the packaging of their food.

How Do I select Pick Up for my Uber Eats Order?

Can You Pick Up Your Own Uber Eats Order

The first thing you will need to do is log into your Uber Eats app. Next, you’ll set your location.

A list of nearby restaurants will appear, and above that will be options for filtering the list. Look for a “pickup” button right below the location, and then click on the “pickup” button.

This will bring up a map of restaurants in your area that have a pickup option. You can also zoom out on the map, or choose another location altogether.

How Do I Pick Up My Own Uber Eats Order?

After selecting your Uber Eats order as a pick up order and then placing the order, you will want to keep track of when to leave to pick up your order.

The confirmation page for your order should have given you an estimate for when it will be complete.

Next, check on your map app for directions to the restaurant location and to see the estimated drive time.

Leave for the restaurant with enough time to arrive at the restaurant, find parking, and to go in.

You will want to bring your phone to show the confirmation page, and your ID, just in case the restaurant employees ask for either of them.

Once you get to the restaurant, look around the cashier area. Sometimes there is a special pick up area for Uber Eats and other food delivery companies.

If you don’t see one, just ask the host/hostess, a cashier, or another available employee about where to go to pick up your Uber Eats order.

Once you’re in the right spot, just let them know that you are there to pick up your Uber Eats order, the name the order is under, and then collect your order.

And that is it! You have picked up your own Uber Eats food order and can enjoy your delicious take-out meal.

Why are There No Uber Eats Pick Up Options?

In some areas or at certain times, when you select the pick-up option, you might get directed to a blank map. This means that none of the restaurants near you are offering the Uber Eats pick up option at this time.

Check to make sure that you are not logging in too early. Many restaurants don’t open until lunchtime, so it could just be that the restaurants near you are not open yet.

If you are logging in during normal restaurant business hours, it could be that restaurants near you simply haven’t opted in to this option. Try zooming out on the map or choosing a different location, or switching to delivery.

Should I tip on an Uber Eats Order I Pick Up Myself?

Although you might be choosing to pick up your Uber Eats order yourself to save on the delivery fee and tip, it’s still a nice gesture to tip for the preparation of your meal.

There should be a tip option on ordering page of the Uber Eats app, even for a pick up order. If you didn’t tip on the app, you can still leave a cash tip in the tip jar in person.

Why would you tip just for a to-go order that you picked up yourself, you might ask? Remember, there are still hard-working employees who prepared your order for pick up.

They package it up carefully, check to make sure everything you ordered as well as all of your modifications have been completed as you requested. They also get your beverages ready and pack up all of the utensils, napkins, condiments, and everything else you will need in order to enjoy your meal(s), all in a tidy package ready for you to carry away.

During the pandemic, these employees are also exposing themselves to greater risk of exposure to people carrying germs, as well as often rude or sometimes even abusive customers. Many restaurants and other places of business are understaffed at this time, and so their employees are often especially overworked these days.

A tip is usually very much appreciated, especially during this time. A 10% tip is customary on to-go pick-up orders, but with all the extra stress that restaurant workers are going through, a little extra (15-20%) would be a kind gesture.

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Uber Eats Order?

You could ask someone else to pick up your Uber Eats order if you would like. It’s best to put a note in the comments with the person’s name.

Alternatively, you could take a screen shot of order confirmation and send it to the person who will be picking up the order so that there is some evidence that they have permission to pick up your order.

On the other hand, it does sometimes happen that someone else mistakenly or maliciously takes your Uber Eats order. If you suspect this is the case, first check the status of your order in your Uber Eats app. You should also check with the restaurant directly.

After checking in the app and with the restaurant, if you still think someone else took your Uber Eats order in error, contact Uber Eats to resolve the issue. You can either call them at 800-253-9377 or 800-253-6882.

You can also try the help section of the Uber Eats app while logged in, or email them at

Remember, if you’d like someone else to bring you your Uber Eats order, you can always order it for delivery from the beginning rather than pickup. Both options, pick up or deliver, are now available for Uber Eats.

Can You Pick Up Your Uber Eats Order Yourself?

Yes, you may pick up your Uber Eats order yourself. If you choose to pick up your Uber Eats order yourself, be sure to first designate the order as pick-up, instead of delivery, when you place your order on the Uber Eats app.

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