Does Food Lion Cash Checks?

Many grocery stores offer cash-checking services, which makes it much more convenient for shoppers. Every store has different requirements and policies, and it’s helpful to know which store will fit your needs.

This post will give you all the information you need if you’re looking to cash your check at a Food Lion store.

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Can You Cash Checks at Food Lion?

Food Lion will cash checks up to $1000 with a $1.99 fee, though the limit depends on the type of check being cashed. Types of checks that can be cashed are personal, payroll, cash rebate, U.S. Travelers, and tax refund checks. Types like money orders can’t be cashed.

You can also pay $50 worth of your groceries by check with no fee.

Before you head to your local Food Lion store, be sure you have the required documents and understand your location’s specific terms. Each location’s fees and requirements vary, so you may want to call before trying to cash your check there.

What Types of Checks Can Be Cashed at Food Lion?

Like many grocery stores, Food Lion will cash the following and most common types of checks:

  • Personal checks
  • Payroll checks
  • Cash rebate checks
  • S. Traveler’s checks
  • Tax refund checks

Food Lion uses a third-party check verification system so if the check is rejected for any reason, it won’t be cashed. This is an important policy to be aware of before you try to cash any check at Food Lion or any other store using a check verification system.

Can You Cash Checks at Food Lion

What Types of Checks Will Food Lion NOT Cash?

Grocery stores like Food Lion offer minimal financial services, and unfortunately can’t cash the following types of checks:

  • Two Party Checks
  • Third Party Checks
  • Payroll Checks over $1,000.00
  • Foreign Traveler’s Checks
  • Money Orders
  • Checks presented by a juvenile without proper issued identification
  • Handwritten Payroll Checks
  • Insurance Drafts
  • Counter Checks
  • Altered Checks
  • Checks written in pencil
  • Rapid Refund Tax Checks
  • Credit Card Checks
  • Checks requiring a phone call for authorization

If you need to cash any of the previously mentioned types of checks, you’ll need to go to a bank or credit union. Other grocery stores offer minimal finance services similar to Food Lion, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to cash these types of checks anywhere other than an established financial institution.

Does Food Lion Cash Checks

Is There a Check-Cashing Limit?

Unfortunately, there is a check-cashing limit on all checks. There also seems to be a cashing minimum, as well.

Each type of check has a different cashing limit and minimum, and every location may vary. The following table shows you the standard minimum and maximum cashing amounts for each type of check.

Type of Check Minimum Cashing Amount Cashing Limit
Payroll $2.50 $1000
Tax Refund $2.50 $1000
U.S Travelers Checks $2.50 $499.99
Cash Rebates $2.50 $499.99
Personal Checks $2.50 $50

Does Food Lion Charge to Cash Checks?

Yes, Food Lion charges a minimal fee for every check that is cashed at its store. The most widely reported fee is around $1.99 but depends on the specific location you’re cashing a check at.

How Late Does Food Lion Cash Checks?

You can cash your checks any time while the store is open. Most Food Lion stores are open from 11 am to 7 pm, Monday-Sunday.

Some stores in high-traffic areas are open 24/7. This doesn’t apply to holiday hours, so keep that in mind.

Just like with requirements and fees, every location’s hours of operation will vary.

How Do I Cash a Check at Food Lion?

The process for cashing a check at Food Lion is very simple and straightforward. Follow the basic steps below when cashing your check at a Food Lion store.

  1. Locate your Food Lion store using their store locator tool
  2. Present your endorsed check and required ID to the cashier and ask for the check to be cashed
  3. Wait for the verification system to approve or decline your check
  4. If approved, you’ll sign an electronic receipt and receive your cash

Because Food Lion uses a third-party check verification system, it’s not uncommon for checks to be declined. Unfortunately, in this case, there’s nothing the cashier can do.

What Types of Checks Will Food Lion NOT Cash

The cashier may be able to give you the contact information for the verification service so that you can find out why your check was rejected. If your check comes back declined, you can try cashing it at a different store, bank, or credit union.

What Forms of ID Do I Need for Cashing a Check?

You will need to show the cashier a basic government-issued photo ID when cashing a check. Whatever form of ID you use, it needs to be updated and valid.

Here are some examples of acceptable documents and forms of ID to bring with you when cashing a check at Food Lion:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport or passport card
  • Military ID
  • State-issued ID card
  • Student ID card

Are There Alternatives to Food Lion for Cashing Checks?

There are several other common stores that will cash your check if you can’t cash it at Food Lion. Grocery stores like Walmart have much higher cashing limits compared to Food Lion, whereas stores like Winn Dixie have similar limits as Food Lion.

Wherever you decide to cash your check, keep in mind that they will all have different requirements and fee structures that are also subject to change at any time.

Does Food Lion Let You Cash Checks?

Yes, you can cash several types of checks at Food Lion. Personal, payroll, cash rebate, U.S. Travelers, and tax refund checks can all be cashed with a $1.99 fee and they each have different cashing limits. Types of checks like money orders and third-party checks can’t be cashed.

To reduce risk, Food Lion has certain requirements and policies in place for anyone looking to cash checks at their stores. There are also different ranges of both minimum cashing amounts and maximum cashing limits for each type of check.

As always, if you have a specific concern or question about cashing a check at a Food Lion store, it’s best to call the location itself.

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