Do You Tip Walmart Pickup?

Walmart offers curbside pickup for select items, allowing customers to receive groceries and products without leaving their car. However, some customers wonder if tipping is required.

Tipping employees can be a hot topic. So, should you tip Walmart curbside associates for lifting and loading groceries into your car? Here’s what you should know.

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Do You Have to Tip Walmart Pickup?

Walmart states on its official website that it’s not mandatory to tip for curbside pickup orders. The employees dropping off your orders are usually paid hourly wages that are not dependent on tips, unlike servers. However, Walmart associates greatly appreciate tips for their hard work.

Should You Leave a Tip for Walmart Pickup Orders?

Tipping for Walmart curbside orders isn’t mandatory, but you might be wondering whether you should or not. This is a completely different question and will come down to your beliefs and circumstances. We’ll give you some things to mull over so you can determine whether tipping is right for you.

Tips Are Appreciated

Generally speaking, tips are appreciated across the United States, especially when they aren’t expected. Walmart associates who are working in the curbside department benefit from the occasional tip.

Do You Tip Walmart Pickup

These Walmart team members shop for your orders and place them neatly in the trunk of your car, allowing you to purchase groceries in a safe and straightforward environment. These associates are on their feet for most of their shifts and lift heavy items throughout the day.

Giving a Walmart curbside employee a few bucks can make a lasting impact on their day and paycheck. Although tips aren’t mandatory, sparing a few bucks for a Walmart associate is greatly appreciated.

Walmart Employees are Paid Hourly Wages

Walmart team members are typically paid hourly wages or salaries and do not depend on tips. However, the associates working curbside orders are usually making minimum wage or slightly above.

According to one report, the average hourly wage of a Walmart employee was $14.76 across the United States. The lowest state paid Walmart associates $13.42 an hour, while the highest state paid $16.02.

With these wages in mind, tips can go a long way. For example, if a Walmart curbside associate got tipped $10 across an 8-hour shift from various customers, their hourly wage would increase by $1.25.

We’re not suggesting you tip Walmart curbside associates $10 or stating that you have to. But when you crunch the numbers, you start to realize how far a few bucks can go.

What’s an Acceptable Tip?

You might not have tipped Walmart curbside associates in the past because it’s hard to determine what’s an acceptable amount. This is understandable as curbside orders aren’t the same as food deliveries or eating out. So, what’s an acceptable amount for Walmart curbside associates?

Generally speaking, any amount is appreciated, and there’s no guiding rule. The minimum order price for curbside delivery is $35, so 10% would be $3.50. Anything in the ballpark from two to five dollars is more than enough to put a smile on a Walmart curbside associate’s face.

How Does Walmart Curbside Pickup Work?

Walmart’s Curbside Pickup allows customers to place orders online or through the mobile app and pick them up at a scheduled time slot at the curb or designated place outside your local Walmart. Walmart associates will shop for your items and load them into your car without any contact.

The program was launched a few years prior to 2020 and only included groceries. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Walmart’s Curbside Pickup applies to nearly all eligible items from groceries, electronics, garden tools, and more.

How to Place an Order

Walmart’s Curbside Pickup service allows customers to place orders online and pick them up with ease. Here are the steps to place an order using Walmart’s service:

  1. First, you’ll need to create a Walmart account online or download and register using the free Walmart mobile app.
  2. You’ll need to provide your name, email address, password, payment details, and other criteria when creating your Walmart account.
  3. From there, you can use the official Walmart store locator to select a store that offers curbside services.
  4. Afterward, browse through Walmart’s products and select “pickup and delivery” near the top left menu.
  5. Now you can select eligible items, including groceries and non-food products.
  6. After completing your selection, you can choose pickup and select an hourly slot.

Keep in mind that you might need to check your order for any substitutions or unavailable products so you can make alterations before the pickup slot.

How to Pickup Curbside Orders

Now that you’ve placed your order, it’s time to pick up your items. Here are the steps for picking up Curbside orders at Walmart:

  1. Curbside Pickup orders are usually ready within four hours. However, times can vary depending on the store and might range from 8 AM to 8 PM.
  2. Be sure to arrive at your local Walmart at the designated time slot. You should notice signs or kiosks for curbside pickup or be altered through a notification.
  3. Park in the designated area and open up your trunk, as Walmart’s Curbside Pickup program is usually contact-free.
  4. You might need to show identification for select items such as alcohol or tobacco products.

If for whatever reason, you can’t pick up the order on time, you can designate someone else. However, they might need to bring a photo ID for verification purposes.

It’s also important to note that Walmart will issue a refund if your order has a price drop between when you placed the order and the pickup time.*

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Is It Mandatory to Tip Walmart Pickup?

Walmart states on its official website that tipping is not necessary for curbside pickup orders. The employees dropping off your orders are usually paid hourly wages that are not dependent on tips, unlike servers. However, a few dollars can greatly impact a Walmart curbside associate’s income and day.

Tipping isn’t required, and the decision will come down to your preferences and budget. Anywhere between two to five dollars is greatly appreciated if you do decide to tip a Walmart curbside associate.

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