Does Amazon Price Match?

Amazon sells just about anything you could ever need. And they’ll get it to you in a couple of days, especially if you have Amazon Prime.

But the items on there can also be expensive. Before you buy something, consider if the company will match the price of another retailer.

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Will Amazon Price Match?

Amazon doesn’t price match its competitors. The company tries to offer the lowest prices already, so there’s no need for it to match other stores on request. And while they used to offer partial refunds on price drops, they no longer do.

Be sure you shop around to make sure Amazon has the best price. Then, you can buy it from the cheapest retailer or cheapest Amazon seller.

Why Amazon Doesn’t Price Match?

Amazon aims to have the lowest price on the market. That means they’ll sometimes charge the same amount as another retailer, or they may charge less.

What If There's a Lower Price on Amazon After Purchase

Either way, their competitive prices eliminate the need for a price match policy. The company also monitors the prices of everything it sells.

If they see the price drop at a place like Walmart, Amazon will drop the price accordingly. So while they will price match other stores, they do it themselves rather than by customer requests.

What If There’s a Lower Price on Amazon After Purchase

The fact that Amazon changes prices can help you save money. But it can also feel like you got stiffed if they lower the price the day after you buy something.

Will Amazon Price Match

In the past, the company would offer a partial refund on items that dropped in price. However, they no longer offer that, probably because it would be a lot of work to manage.

That means you need to be careful about when you buy stuff to get the best price. Here are a few things you can do with any current orders or future orders to ensure you save money.

Return and Reorder

If you notice the price changes shortly after you order something, you can return it. Then, you can reorder the item at the lower price. Of course, you have to do this when you’re still within the return window so that you can get your money back on the first order.

For price changes that happen before delivery, you can cancel the order. Go to the item on Amazon, and order it at the lower price.

Having to return an item can be a hassle, so this isn’t always worth it. But if the price drop is significant, you may want to take the time to return it. Just don’t do that too often, or Amazon may get suspicious and suspend or ban you.

Wait a Few Days

For orders you haven’t yet placed, maybe wait a few days. You could wait a week and track the price change over that period. If something seems cheaper on a specific day of the week, order on that day the next week.

Does Amazon Price Match

Waiting is also handy if you’re a few days out from a major sale. Amazon almost always has bigger price drops on Prime Day, Black Fridays, and other major holidays.

Unless you need the item right away, try to wait. Then, you can take advantage of the lower price. You won’t have to worry about returning anything.

Research Sellers

One of the nice things about Amazon is it has a lot of third-party sellers. These sellers can choose how much to charge for their products. As you look at an item, see if there are any other sellers listed.

If so, look at how much each one charges. You should also look at the quality of the item, such as if it’s new or like new. Of course, used stuff will probably sell for less than new items.

But if one seller lists a new item for much less, buy from them. To make sure you get a good deal, read the seller’s reviews to see if they’ve lied about products or not. Then, you can save money on your purchase.

Take a Risk

Sometimes, you just have to take a risk and buy something on Amazon right away. The price may go down the next day, but it could also go up.

If you’re ever out of toothpaste, for example, you probably can’t wait for a sale. Sure, it will probably be frustrating to see a lower price.

But the price may not change all that much, especially on smaller things. It can be worth spending a bit more to get what you need when you need it.

Can You Price Match at Amazon?

You can’t price match items on Amazon. The closest would be to compare third-party sellers to see who offers the lowest price. However, you can wait for big sale days, like Prime Day, or you can return an item and reorder it if the price goes down during the return window.

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