What Days Does Amazon Not Deliver?

If you have ordered something from Amazon, you may be wondering what days Amazon will not be delivering packages. This is a commonly asked question as people want to know when they can expect their items to arrive at their homes. Shipping times can vary quite a lot and usually depend on the mail carrier … Read moreWhat Days Does Amazon Not Deliver?

Amazon IC QA CS Job Description

If you’re interested in working at Amazon, you may be wondering what the job description for IC QA CS is. This is one of the more vague jobs at Amazon that many people do not understand what they will be doing if they get this position. Amazon has many different job positions within the company … Read moreAmazon IC QA CS Job Description

Does Amazon Price Match?

Amazon sells just about anything you could ever need. And they’ll get it to you in a couple of days, especially if you have Amazon Prime. But the items on there can also be expensive. Before you buy something, consider if the company will match the price of another retailer. Will Amazon Price Match? Amazon … Read moreDoes Amazon Price Match?

Amazon Clock In Policy

If you are thinking of working at Amazon, you may be wondering what the clock-in policy at Amazon is like. This is a valid question to ask as every business is going to have a clock-in policy that employees will need to follow. This can be very important as some clock-in policies can be very … Read moreAmazon Clock In Policy

Lost Amazon Gift Card

Unfortunately, it’s possible to lose a gift card whether you received a physical copy or an electronic code. Losing a gift certificate can be a frustrating experience and leave you feeling out of luck. Thankfully, there are steps you can take if you lose an Amazon Gift Card, and we cover them in the article … Read moreLost Amazon Gift Card