Does Discount Tire Price Match?

When you need new tires, you can expect a hefty bill. That’s why looking for the best deal is vital to saving at least a bit of money.

If you live near a Discount Tire, you may wonder if it’s a good place to shop. Consider what they have to say about matching the price of their competitors.

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Will Discount Tire Price Match?

Discount Tire will price match lower installed prices from their competitors. This includes authorized, non-auction retailers. They won’t price match auctions or other third-party sales, and the store can refuse to price match using its discretion.

Be sure you know where the lower price is coming from. That way, you can make sure it will qualify for a price match at Discount Tire.

Discount Tire Low Price Guarantee

Discount Tire has a low price guarantee, and price matches are a big part of that. If you find a lower price at one of their competitors, you can ask for that lower price.

What Their Pricing Includes

However, the tires have to be from an authorized dealer. You can’t get the lower price from an auction or from the sale of used tires or wheels.

Even if you find a lower price that you think qualifies, you still need to ask about it. The company can decline a request if they don’t think it’s for the same item.

What Their Pricing Includes

As you review the Discount Tire policy, you should know what their low prices cover. Of course, it will cover the cost of the tires or wheels you buy.

The cost also includes installation, so they’ll put the tires on your car for you. You’ll get road hazard protection to help cover the cost of new tires as yours wear out.

Discount Tire also offers free tire rotations for the lifetime of your tires. And they’ll dispose of your old tires for you. The pricing then accounts for things like state sales taxes and other fees.

If you want to compare prices, you should look at the total cost another retailer lists. That way, you can determine if Discount Tire really is charging more.

How to Get a Price Match at Discount Tire

If you want to buy your tires from Discount Tire, you can do so. But you’ll want to know how to get a price match, assuming you’ll be eligible.

Will Discount Tire Price Match

Follow these steps to make sure you can save as much as possible on your new tires.

Shop at Discount Tire

When you’re ready, you can go to your local Discount Tire. You can also use the Discount Tire website to look at their selection.

Consider the vehicle you have and what type of tires you want. Then, you can find the specific item that you want to purchase.

Take note of the brand, type, other features, and the price, of course. You’ll need that to compare to prices at other stores.

Verify the Price and Seller

You can also go to other auto and tire stores in your city. If they have an online store, you could also use that to find prices for the tires you want.

Look at authorized dealers of auto parts. Try to avoid places like eBay since most of those sites use auctions and don’t have official sellers.

If you do find a lower price at a different store, take note of the details. Make sure you’re looking at the same tires you found at Discount Tire.

Talk to an Employee

When shopping in person, you can return to Discount Tire and find an employee. Tell them about the tires you want and how you found a lower price.

Does Discount Tire Price Match

You may need to get help from the manager as well. Be sure you have proof of the lower price, such as from the website or from an official ad.

They’ll determine if your tires qualify for a price match. If so, you can get the lower price and buy the tires you need.

Go Online

If you prefer to shop online, you can go to the Discount Tire website. Go to the listing for the tires you want to buy, and look for the link that says “found it lower?”

Click on that to bring up a form that asks for the lower price. It will also ask you to provide a direct link to the store with that pricing and your contact information.

Someone will review the details and contact you in a day or two. Then, you can proceed with the lower price, or you may decide to buy the tires elsewhere.

Can You Get a Price Match at Discount Tire?

You can get a price match at Discount Tire. But the tires have to be identical, and the lower price has to come from an authorized retailer. Be sure to review the prices from competitors, and talk to someone at Discount Tire if you find a lower price elsewhere.

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