Does Forever 21 Price Match?

If you want to go shopping at Forever 21, you may want to know if this store offers price matching. This is a common question and is a good thing to ask if you want to get the best prices around.

Price matching is becoming more and more popular as more shoppers are starting to see the advantage of it. Especially since it allows them to get the lowest prices without having to shop at places that they don’t want to shop at.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Forever 21 price matches, and if it also offers price adjustments for in-store and online prices.

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Does Forever 21 Offer Price Matching?

It seems as though Forever 21 is a store that does not offer a price-matching option to its customers. This is indeed unfortunate as many shoppers tend to lean more towards shopping where this option is made available to them.

forever 21 does not price match

Forever 21 is just one of many stores that have yet to add a price matching policy to their store. This can come as a disappointment to customers as this doesn’t allow you to get the best possible prices.

Price matching is a useful benefit that allows you to get a price match for items that are cheaper. So if a shirt was $20 at one store but $12 at another store, you could ask for the higher store to give you the $12 price range.

This allows you to hunt out the best prices so that you never have to spend more than you have to. This is a very useful way of being able to shop where you want while still having access to the best prices for that item.

This is why it is such a shame that Forever 21 doesn’t offer price matching for its shoppers. Though it is true that there are still many benefits to shopping at Forever 21. For instance, it often has good sales and already has affordable prices available.

Why Doesn’t Forever 21 Price Match?

Forever 21 has never given any definitive answer as to why it doesn’t price match. In fact, Forever 21 hasn’t commented on this at all, as it has never released any kind of statement about its policies.

Though many people assume that Forever 21 doesn’t price match because it already offers good prices. In general, Forever 21 offers pretty affordable prices considering the merchandise that it sells.

Especially when you consider how widely known it is and how popular Forever 21 tends to be. Not only that but Forever 21 also hosts many sales and puts things on clearance quite frequently.

It often does this as it is clearing the way for new merchandise or new seasonal offers throughout the store and online. Because of this, you already have many opportunities to get a good deal at Forever 21 and not have to pay full price.

This is most likely why Forever 21 does not offer any price matching for its competitors.

forever 21 regular clearance sale

Does Forever 21 Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Now that you know that Forever 21 doesn’t have a price match policy, you may want to know if it has a price adjustment policy. This is also something that Forever 21 does not have, which can come as a surprise.

Price adjustments are similar to price matching though they are very different in certain ways. A price adjustment covers prices within that store that may vary and go lower after you bought something.

For instance, if you were to buy a shirt, but it went on sale a few days later, you could request a price adjustment. If approved, you could get a partial refund for the amount that you overpaid.

This is not something that Forever 21 does, however, as it doesn’t offer any price alterations for its customers. Though Forever 21 does allow for returns or exchanges such as:

  • If the item is defective
  • If the item is damaged
  • If it is the wrong size
  • When you want a refund

This is an instance where you can make a return or get a refund if you aren’t happy with your purchase from Forever 21.

Can I Get a Price Match at Forever 21?

If you want to shop somewhere where you can get a price match, Forever 21 may not be the right place to go for you. This is because Forever 21 does not allow for price matching or price adjustments.

These are two policies that Forever 21 doesn’t have and doesn’t seem to have any interest in. As far as we know, Forever 21 doesn’t plan on ever adding these policies to its stores.

It already offers affordable prices and frequently has sales and large amounts of merchandise that go on clearance. This may very well be the reason behind Forever 21 not offering any price adjustments or price matching.

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