Does Doordash Take Cash?

Are you wanting to order from DoorDash but not sure if they accept cash? With all the payment options within the on-demand-delivery app, it’s worth checking what they accept and what they don’t.

Keep reading to see if DoorDash takes cash, plus other ways you can easily pay for your order if cash isn’t an option.

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Can I Pay Cash with DoorDash?

You can pay cash for your DoorDash order with the Cash on Delivery option, as long as the restaurant you’re ordering from uses the DoorDash Drive program and the driver chooses to accept cash as payment upon delivery. In addition the Cash on Delivery option shouldn’t be suspended.

How Cash on Delivery works

For cash to be an option in the first place, the restaurant must use the DoorDash Drive program. The DoorDash app itself (also called its marketplace) does not offer cash as a payment option. If you want to pay cash, you need to order through the restaurant directly.

DoorDash delivery drivers (called Dashers) can choose to accept or decline Cash on Delivery options when they receive an order assignment, so technically you can pay cash for your DoorDash delivery on a case-by-case basis. If no drivers accept cash as payment, you have to pay for your order in another way.

Does DoorDash still offer Cash on Delivery?

Due to COVID and changing safety protocols (such as contactless delivery), the payment options may change, so always double-check with the DoorDash help page directly before counting on cash payments alone.

As of right now, it seems that they have suspended it as an option but that can (and hopefully will) change.

How Do I Pay Cash for My DoorDash Order?

Assuming DoorDash offers Cash on Delivery again and the restaurant you’re ordering from uses the DoorDash Drive program, you will order through the restaurant as usual and then select the Cash on Delivery option as your payment method.

If the driver chooses to accept cash, you’ll simply have your cash ready and pay the driver when they deliver your order.

Tips for Paying with Cash

doordash pay with cash

There are a few things to keep in mind when you choose to pay for your DoorDash delivery with cash.

Have the exact amount of cash needed

Dashers are not required to carry a certain amount of cash (or any at all). Therefore, they may or may not have enough to make the proper change, so make sure you have as close to the order total in cash as possible.

If you don’t have enough cash to pay for the order and the driver can’t make the correct change, you won’t receive your order. Of course, you can choose to give the rest of the change to the driver as a tip.

Tip well

DoorDash drivers aren’t required to take cash, so if you want to encourage repeat deliveries with cash as the payment method, make it worth their time and tip well!

Have a backup payment method

Payment options and delivery methods are always changing, so make sure you have another payment method in mind when you want to order through DoorDash.

FAQ’s About Cash on Delivery from DoorDash

Are there penalties if the Dasher doesn’t accept a Cash on Delivery payment?

No, neither the delivery driver’s ratings or payout will not be affected by whether or not they accept cash as payment.

What happens if I don’t have enough cash?

If you don’t have enough cash to cover your order, the DoorDash driver cannot give you your order and will return it to the restaurant. You can only pay one way (so no split payments between cash and card), so make sure you have enough cash before selecting the Cash on Delivery option.

What if the driver doesn’t have change?

DoorDash strongly encourages Dashers to only accept Cash on Delivery if they have enough cash to make change for the customer. However, as a customer, you won’t know whether they will have enough to make change or not.

In this case, they keep whatever change is leftover as a tip or you can cancel the order and the driver will contact DoorDash to create another delivery with another payment method.

Can I change my payment method after I’ve placed my DoorDash order?

You can’t switch payments once an order has been placed. However, as long as your order hasn’t been delivered, you can cancel and start another one.

If you cancel, just be aware that you will only get a refund if the restaurant has not confirmed the order and no driver has been assigned yet. You may get a partial refund as long as the restaurant has confirmed the order but a driver still wasn’t assigned. If your order was confirmed by the restaurant and a Dasher has been assigned, you won’t receive a refund at all.

Other DoorDash Payment Options

If you choose not to pay with cash or it’s not a payment option when you’re ordering, there are other ways you can pay for your DoorDash delivery.

Credit or debit card

As expected, you can pay for your order with a credit or debit card either through the DoorDash app or the restaurant’s website.

Google or Apple Pay

If you currently use Google or Apple Pay, you can simply connect them to your DoorDash account and select either one at checkout.


Likewise, you can connect your PayPal account to DoorDash and pay that way, too.

Gift card

If you have a DoorDash gift card, you can choose to use its balance for your order.

Paying Cash for DoorDash

You can choose to pay for your DoorDash order with cash, but only when the Cash on Delivery option has returned, the restaurant you’re ordering from uses DoorDash Drive, and when the DoorDash delivery driver accepts cash as a payment method.

In the case you can pay cash, keep in mind that paying for your order with cash can be slightly inconvenient for you and the DoorDash delivery driver, and you should have the exact (or close to) amount of cash needed to pay for your order.

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