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DoorDash is horrible about delivering cold food. They do not care about you or your food. There is no pep in their step. Here is an explanation as to why your food may be cold.

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Why Is My Food Cold?

There are many reasons why your food may be cold. One reason is because they are taking a long time to bring your food. Another reason could be not actually DoorDashs’ fault but the restaurant where you ordered the food, fault.

A lot of times, restaurants will give you food that has been sitting out and is already cold or not hot in the first place. These restaurants like McDonald’s and some Burger King’s do not care about your food like they should.

They will have no problem providing you with already cold food.

Your food may be cold because the driver who picked it up didn’t close the bag good and they are driving with the air on. If it is cold in the car then it is only natural that your food will cool down and come to the temperature of the car.

Why Did My Food Take So Long?

Your food may have taken a long time to arrive because your driver had more than one order to deliver. For some crazy reason, DoorDash allows the driver to accept more than one order at a time. Especially if they are going in the same direction and not far apart.

So the driver thinks they can handle two orders but delivers the first order first and your order last. What just happened is that the other people got fresh food while you got cold, stale food. This is not fair and every single order that is placed with them should have priority.

DoorDash Cold Food_

Also, the order that is placed first or picked up first should be the one that is also delivered first. This is because it stands a better chance of being fresh and at least warm when it makes it to the customer. However, if you don’t do things this way then someone is going to have cold food.

You would think DoorDash would care enough about their customers to give the orders that are placed priority based on when they were placed. But they don’t and that is why people are constantly getting cold food.

Can I Get Fresh Food?

Yes, you could possibly get fresh food if your driver would do the right thing. DoorDash does not hold these drivers to making sure they deliver in a timely manner and that is a serious problem.

If your DoorDash driver were to pick up the order on time and then deliver it right away, you could have a chance at fresh food.

However, it is not very likely that you will get fresh food because the DoorDash drivers just do not do right. Like I mentioned earlier, they could care less if you got fresh food or not so they will take their time and deliver your food as they see fit.

Some drivers make extra stops that are unrelated to the job such as stopping to pick up a friend or something of that nature and dropping them off somewhere.

They are not supposed to do things like this while being on the clock but of course they do not pay those rules any mind. In fact, they do what they feel, how they feel like doing it, and when they feel like doing it.

Not even DoorDash can stop these drivers and force them to quickly deliver your food.

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What to Do About Cold Food?

DoorDash Cold Food

As much as cold food sucks, there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it. You can complain as much as you like to DoorDash in the hopes that they will hear you and do something about it. Even if they don’t fix your issue personally, something has to be done about the delivery of cold food to good paying customers.

DoorDash needs to put their foot down and enforce rules that will make for the customer getting their food on time so that it is fresh once it arrives. All of this cold food they are delivering is not going to cut it.

You could leave a bad review because reviews promote action. When a business gets a bad google review or rating they are more likely to look into what led to this review if they care at all. Cold food is no fun and no one should have to endure it especially after you have paid your good hard earned money.

Don’t let DoorDash bully you into not calling corporate because you may talk to someone who says there is nothing corporate can do. Let me assure you that corporate can help if they want to.

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