Does DoorDash Take PayPal?

Does DoorDash Take PayPal?

PayPal is a common payment method that a lot of people like to use. If you are thinking about placing a DoorDash order you may want to know if DoorDash will accept PayPal. DoorDash accepts a few different payment methods (like Google and Apple Pay) but you may not be sure which ones are up for use.

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Does DoorDash Accept PayPal?

No, DoorDash does accept PayPal but there are ways to use PayPal with DoorDash. There has been a lot of confusion about whether DoorDash accepts PayPal or not. The answer is no, not really but there are ways you can use PayPal with DoorDash such as a PayPal gift card.

Some people think that DoorDash accepts PayPal because of the little workaround method that has come up from some users. However, that’s just not true. DoorDash will not accept a PayPal debit card.

How to Pay With PayPal On DoorDash?

Some people will say that you can’t pay with PayPal but in reality you can, in a way but still not actually. I’m sure there are a few different ways you can set your payment methods up so that DoorDash will accept your PayPal but I’m going to briefly explain how to do so on an Android.

The very first thing you may think to do is add PayPal to your list of payment methods on file in the DoorDash app. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. A lot of people have tried this and got their PayPal accounts declined.

What you do want to do is if you are using an Android device, go to your Google Play Store and add your PayPal debit card to your wallet or payment methods. Then you want to place your order with DoorDash and select Google Play at checkout and then choose PayPal. This should work successfully.

If it doesn’t work you may not be able to do it. I would suggest looking into some PayPal alternatives for yourself. For example CashApp is still supported by DoorDash.

Why Is DoorDash Not Accepting My PayPal?

DoorDash may or may not accept your PayPal payment. You wouldn’t be the first person this has happened to. In fact, a lot of people have reported their PayPal payments being declined by DoorDash.

So what is the problem? Well, DoorDash doesn’t actually accept PayPal. There are some workaround methods that will allow you to use PayPal when placing a DoorDash order.

Such as adding the PayPal card to your Google Pay first and then selecting Google Pay at checkout and then PayPal. This is one way to do it. However, the fact still remains that DoorDash doesn’t really accept PayPal at the moment.

DoorDash may not be accepting your PayPal even when you set it up this way because of a system glitch or outage.

Many people have been allowed to place orders on DoorDash using this workaround method. For one reason or another, this method may not always work so you’ll have to find another way to use PayPal on DoorDash.

PayPal is not working on DoorDash. Some users even get the error message: “paypal cannot be used for this order“.

What Are Some PayPal Alternatives for DoorDash?

There are several PayPal alternatives for DoorDash but all of them may not be available to you. One great alternative to using your PayPal account is to use a PayPal gift card. You don’t even have to go directly to PayPal to get the gift card like you may suspect.

Instead, you can purchase the gift card directly from DoorDash and use it towards your order. I don’t think you can actually utilize your PayPal balance when adding money to the card. However, you can simply add money to the balance and use that balance as a PayPal card.

Another alternative that you have when it comes to not being able to successfully use PayPal on DoorDash is to purchase another gift card of your choice. I mentioned the PayPal giftcard but did you know there are other kinds of gift cards up for purchase on DoorDash? Well, there is.

The last alternative that I’d like to suggest is to use another payment method altogether. If you have a bank debit card or even a credit card you can use these on DoorDash. However, this may not be the safest way to place an order on DoorDash.

With that in mind, it may be safest to look for another delivery app that does accept PayPal. Do your research and really look around for good delivery apps that you have in your area who will accept your PayPal card. Someone somewhere is accepting PayPal.

Can I Pay DoorDash With PayPal?

Yes, you can pay DoorDash with PayPal but it’s not 100% easy to do. There is sort of a process to pay with PayPal. First add PayPal to your playstore if you are on an android and then you have to select Google pay when you checkout then select PayPal.

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