Does DoorDash Take Venmo

Does DoorDash Take Venmo

Ordering with DoorDash can be a headache if you don’t know what payment methods they accept. While they do accept a few different forms of payment, you may not be aware if they take Venmo or not. That’s what we’re about to find out.

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Does DoorDash Accept Venmo?

DoorDash does not accept Venmo. Currently, there is no way to use your Venmo balance when placing an order with DoorDash but there are ways to go about using your Venmo balance on DoorDash anyways. You’ll likely have to order a gift card but more about that later.

Venmo is not currently accepted by DoorDash and this can cause hiccups if Venmo is your only payment method at the moment. We’ll talk about how to deal with the Venmo situation on DoorDash.

How to Pay DoorDash Using Venmo?

You are probably wondering if there is a way to pay DoorDash using Venmo even though they don’t accept Venmo. There’s always some sort of workaround right? Right.

I wouldn’t really call this a workaround but it is a way to improvise. One really good way to pay DoorDash using Venmo is not actually paying with Venmo. This may sound somewhat confusing but it’s really an easy method, I promise.

The first thing you need to do is go to and you are going to purchase a DoorDash gift card. Where Venmo comes in is when you get ready to add money to your gift card. You ought to make sure you have money in your Venmo account and you want to double check the amount.

That way, when you go to add funds to your DoorDash gift card your payment method won’t be declined due to insufficient funds.

Sometimes we can think we have so much money and not realize that another bill has come through and taken the money out. So double check your balance before moving forward.

Now, add money to your gift card and pay for it with your Venmo account. This is definitely something that can be done and in the end you are still getting to use your Venmo while also paying for DoorDash.

Once you have successfully paid for your DoorDash gift card with your Venmo account it is now time to place your order with DoorDash.

Why Can’t I Pay DoorDash Using Venmo?

You can’t pay DoorDash using Venmo simply because this is not a DoorDash payment option. No one really knows or can say exactly why DoorDash hasn’t made this option available but we just know that it’s not available.

If you would like to make sure Venmo is still not an acceptable form of payment on DoorDash you could go so far as to try placing an order.

After selecting your order items head to the checkout page and then go to select payment method. You’ll quickly see that Venmo is not one of the accepted payment methods.A lot of people are searching for some kind of work around this but there is currently not one. There is no way to pay DoorDash directly with Venmo.

Your closest option to doing something of this nature is buying a DoorDash gift card with Venmo as we mentioned earlier.

Is DoorDash the Only Delivery App Who Doesn’t Accept Venmo?

DoorDash does not accept Venmo and that is obvious but you may be wondering if they are the only delivery app who doesn’t accept Venmo. The answer to that question is a sure no. There are plenty of delivery apps out there and there are probably even more delivery apps that do not accept Venmo.

DoorDash is certainly not alone. No one knows why they won’t accept Venmo. It is speculated that they just haven’t gotten around to adding this payment method and maybe they never will. It’s all up in the air for now.

Why Won’t DoorDash Take Venmo?

People are demanding to know why DoorDash doesn’t allow Venmo on their platform. It could be for a number of reasons.

If Venmo is anything like PayPal they take transaction fees and these could be somewhat outrageous. Or this may not be the issue. There could be some other issues with Venmo that DoorDash doesn’t want the hassle of dealing with.

Venmo does have account fees of 5% or $10 whichever one is greater and this could be a total turnoff for DoorDash.

It is not known if these fees are related to the kind of account that DoorDash would need to have to accept payments from there but this is sort of a clue into that process and why they may be reluctant to add this payment method.

DoorDash business plan could include adding only a few payment methods. This could be because they say if you give a person too many choices they won’t choose either one or anything for that matter.

So DoorDash could be trying to help their customer base out by not adding too many payment options.

For what it’s worth, DoorDash obviously has its reasons for not accepting Venmo. It could be a temporary or permanent reason but the best thing customers can do is patiently wait and see what happens next with DoorDash and Venmo.

What Delivery App Takes Venmo?

DoorDash is not the only delivery app and there is at least one other delivery app that actually accepts Venmo directly. UberEats is a delivery app and it does in fact, accept Venmo. All you have to do is select Venmo from the menu of payment options and you will be able to successfully make a payment to DoorDash using Venmo. So far UberEats is the only delivery app that accepts Venmo.

Can I Pay For DoorDash With Venmo?

No, you cannot pay for DoorDash with Venmo. DoorDash does not have a way to currently accept Venmo as a payment method. However, you can buy a gift card from the eGifter store using your Venmo payment option to purchase the gift card and pay DoorDash.

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