Does Food Lion Do Money Orders?

If you plan on shopping at Food Lion or you’re looking for a convenient place to get a money order, it’s helpful to know whether Food Lion does money orders. Even though money orders are fairly common, they’re not available at every store and every store has different transaction limits and fees.

Keep reading to find out if Food Lion accepts money orders are not, what to expect when getting a money order at Food Lion, where to cash a money order, and more.

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Does Food Lion Sell or Cash Money Orders?

Yes, you can get a Western Union money order at most Food Lion stores, with a daily limit of $500. The fees are usually less than $1, but every store varies. You can pay with cash, credit, or debit card. However, money orders can’t be cashed at Food Lion stores.

However, Food Lion does not sell MoneyGram money orders. It’s also important to note that every location’s fees and requirements are different, so call before heading in to get a money order.

You will also want to make sure you have the required documents for proving your identity and are aware of the process beforehand, which is all covered below.

Is There a Food Lion Money Order Limit?

Unfortunately, there is a daily limit for all money orders at Food Lion, which is $500. The low value is to protect the store and customers from things like fraud.

If you need a money order for more than that, you will need to go to your bank or a store like Walmart. Typically, Walmart offers a limit of $1000 for each transaction and a total of $3000 daily.

Is There a Food Lion Money Order Limit

What Is The Money Order Fee at Food Lion?

Every Food Lion store is different but the fee is usually $1 or less for each money order transaction. This is a much lower fee than most stores, although some are even lower than Food Lion’s fees.

How Do I Pay for My Money Order at Food Lion?

You can pay for your money order with cash, debit, or credit card at most Food Lion stores. This includes paying for both the actual money order as well as all fees.

Of course, if you can only pay for it one way, you’ll want to make sure that the payment method is available beforehand. Sometimes a store can’t accept cash and sometimes their card machines are down, so it’s best to know before you start the process.

What Is the Process for Getting a Money Order at Food Lion?

Getting a money order at Food Lion is very straightforward.

After you locate your Food Lion store, you’ll simply go through the following series of steps:

  1. Visit the store’s customer service desk,
  2. Ask for a money order,
  3. Present your ID,
  4. Fill out the money order, 
  5. Pay via debit card or cash

Be sure to verify that your payment method is accepted and that you have the required documents before starting the process.

How Do I Pay for My Money Order at Food Lion

What Documents Do I Need to Get a Money Order?

You need to be able to verify your identity with a government-issued ID. One of the following documents is usually enough for getting a money order, but every location is different.

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Valid passport or passport card
  • Another type of State-issued Identification card
  • Military Identification Card
  • Student ID Card if you’re 16-21 years old

If you don’t have access to any of the options above, call your local Food Lion store and see if they accept other types of documents instead.

How Do I Track My Money Order?

You can track your Western Union money order through the Western Union transfer tracker, which is similar to tracking a package. If you don’t have the tracking number and know some additional information about the sender or receiver, you can still track your money order by selecting the “Don’t know the MTCN” link below the form on the same page.

If you lost your money order tracking number but still need to track it, you can fill out and mail a Western Union research request form. Unfortunately, this will cost a non-refundable $30 administration fee, which you can for by money order or check only.

To avoid losing your tracking number, write it down on your money order receipt or take a picture of it. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to recover the tracking number after the fact, but you can always ask the service desk what other options you have if you lose the tracking number to your money order.

Does Food Lion Do Money Orders

Can You Get a Money Order at Food Lion?

Yes, you can buy a Western Union money order at Food Lion. You can get a money order with a daily limit of $500. The good news is that the fee is usually a dollar or less. However, Food Lion doesn’t offer MoneyGram money orders and each location’s requirements vary.

If you plan to get a money order at your local Food Lion store, call ahead to verify things like required documents, limits, hours, and fees since each location is different. 

Getting a money order is incredibly common, and many stores offer them. However, their daily transaction limit is quite low. If you need a money order of more than $500, Walmart often lets you buy them with a much higher limit. Of course, you can always go to your local bank or credit union, as well.

Food Lion can be a convenient place to get a money order and their fees tend to be much lower than other stores.

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